Sheep sheared sheep sheared how cleaning - can wash Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Sheared sheep can wash? Sheep sheared how clean?

the cleaning method:

1, there was a slight pollution, use clean hair dry lotion wipe gently dipping wool hair surface, remove dirt, clear soap, dip in with towel clean water can be repeated several times, pedal trying not to get wet in the process of operation, and in a timely manner to dry in the shade. When necessary, also can use hair dryer to dry.

2, use dry cleaning spray, shake well before using, according to use instruction from 15 - after fouling 20 cm injection, hair dry wine, with a handkerchief or knocked with thin sticks to remove stain absorption of powder, a new, wet, fatty oil need to be repeated several times.

3, in case of the stain is serious, professional cleaners and dyers payable processing. Please don't optional clean or to the cleaners and dyers clean with no quality guarantee. In order to avoid unnecessary losses.

save method:

1, can not contact with high temperature, Such as water, electric blanket, etc. ), direct sun And strong detergents.

2, because if the packing and folding caused lodging on the surface of wool product, please start shaking a few times, the product will return reason of elasticity, it won't damage its soft quality.

3, please put in ventilated dry place, do not fold and stress for a long time. If use pest or camphor ball, do not use the direct contact with the fur, please in ventilated place before collection and half shade under the condition of drying.

4, use this product after long wool slightly curly phenomenon reduction, available at little sticks to tap the wool surface, it can make the hair soft and smooth, and can remove dust and restore natural forms good, keep soft and comfortable.
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