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by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
People about a third of the time is spent in morpheus, the sheet is the most frequent contact with the body of the supplies, in the process of the contact, the sheets are exposed to bacteria, dust, if not timely clean, so to reproduce on our skin, and a health hazard. Sheet not to wash easy to cause several diseases, must attach importance to!

1. Fungal infection. More than a week didn't wash the sheets, tens of thousands of more bacteria than a toilet handle, susceptible to respiratory infections, tinea corporis, tinea unguium.

2. Blain blain. Often do not change the sheets, like not serious face, prone to acne, skin aging and skin conditions such as pimples.

3. Eczema, ulcers, mites, etc.

how often do the clean sheets?

if it is like to sleep naked, sheet like pajamas, need about 3 days.

if not naked sleep, generally recommended cleaning once a week, the winter may be extended appropriately cleaning time.

however, besides the sheets, the home of a variety of products need to be replaced periodically, suggest 2 - general towel Replaced every 4 months, toothbrush replaced every 3 months, 6 - a pillow Replaced every 12 months.
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