Shirt collar and cuffs to do _ how to clean a trace - dirty Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Light color shirt collar and cuffs of the dirty, shirt wet first, and then in a dirty place evenly coated with a layer of toothpaste, gently rub for a few minutes, then according to the conventional coated with soap or immerse in washing detergent solution.

wait until after the washing to dry, baby powder can be taken on the neckline cuffs, clothes is not so easy to stick to the skin secretion of oils and fats or dirt.

when washing clothes first fully wetted

1, the collar and cuffs evenly coated with a layer of toothpaste, brush gently brush ransacked a minute or two; Or rub some salt on the collar and cuffs, at the end of the rub to wash and then rinse off with pure water, again according to the regular laundry, collar and cuffs will be particularly clean.

2, color the shampoo in the collar and cuffs, let the shampoo penetration into the collar, with a tooth brush a brush, will collar, cuff washed very clean.

in the washing to dry the shirt collar and cuffs, with baby powder with a puff beat a few times, then electricity iron gently pressure, a pressure then beat a few talcum powder. Next time when catharsis, can easily cleaned.

new buy or do the dacron shirt, before at the end of the wear on the collar and cuffs dipped in gasoline (with pily ball Had better use white gasoline) Gently scrub 12 times, gasoline volatilization, and then washed with clear water. Through such processing, wear dirty wash easily.
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