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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Shirt is the most common item in daily life, both men and ladies shirts, are joker sheet is tasted. Some people talk about clean shirt is made difficult, washing methods tend to shirt don't understand, so, how to wash the shirts? Know shirt cleaning tips to long durability, what shirt washed? Share the following cleaning tips to help you extend the life of the shirt, come and see!

how to wash the shirts

1, washing clothes soaked in full, first at the collar and cuffs evenly coated with a layer of toothpaste, brush gently brush besmear to brush; Or rub some salt on the collar and cuffs, at the end of the knead gently wash, and then sprinkle on clothes washing powder, soak in water for a while, some place around, in with the brush brush directly, which is convenient, the collar and cuffs are very clean. Other places in the laundry again according to the conventional method.

2, detergent can also use a small brush, brush to the collar and cuffs of the stains ( Not too much, see wet) And then put the clothes in the washing machine, to remove all dirt. If the hand wash will also get the same effect.

3, new or newly dacron shirt, before did not wear, dipped in gasoline with pily ball on the collar and cuffs, Had better use white gasoline) Gently scrub 12 times, gasoline volatilization, and then washed with clear water. Through such processing, wear dirty wash easily.

4, washes the collar and cuffs, sprinkle with washing powder with washboard the whole shirt. Rub one or two times. It is faster, and wash clean.

5, after washing, the shirt on a hanger, collar, sleeves, upper body parts with hands hold, is to seize two head, drag, such after clothes dry, don't play.

note: not recommended for use machine wash, because after washing wrinkled too much, still have to iron.
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