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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
In order not to let the hotel linen quality risk, a responsible linen supplier will inevitably from raw material procurement, production technology to product testing, and other links tossed the control over the quality of linen, but to the hotel, easy to learn a thing or two quick linen quality detection techniques, it means the quality of linen another weight control.

a drop of water, and detect hygroscopicity

for the vast majority of towel products, water quality directly affect the use of the guest experience, although its detection method, but if the theory of simple and quick, not & other; Drip method & throughout; .

“ Drip method & throughout;

finger take commonly used water ( The conditional case, better use of in vitro) , fingertips is perpendicular to the sample, about 1 cm distance, begin from a drop of water droplets into the sample time, until terminated after fully penetrate the sample timing.

in general, the test results is less than 3 seconds which can meet the demand of normal use, if less than 1 second, can be very good.

in addition & other; Drip method & throughout; , & other; Settlement method & throughout; Is also one of the most commonly used test method of water imbibition.

“ Settlement method & throughout;

the cutting samples from 5 cm * 5 cm, in parallel on the surface of the water level height not less than 5 cm, at the same time, start time, until the sample completely wet end time, record the time required to, precisely to 0. 1 s。 Generally, the lower the number of seconds, the absorbent, the better.

“ Settlement method & throughout; Without the professional test instrument, simple, without being limited by the environment, at the same time relative to the & other Drip method & throughout; , the test accuracy also have considerable improvement.

both identify cotton, polyester,

linen fabrics in determining the quality of linen directly at the same time, will also bring to guests different experience. Cotton and polyester linen products is the most commonly used two kinds of fabrics, how do we tell them apart?

“ Visual observation & throughout;

in general, & other; Visual observation & throughout; Is by observing the linen product surface villus of how to determine its composition: hair, feels a bit crude is made of pure cotton products, the opposite may be terylene or chemical fiber blended products.

but now, in the high-grade linen products, tend to use & other; Singeing & throughout; And & other Mercerizing & throughout; Process, this process can not only keep cotton soft, absorbent, breathable, and many other advantages, also can make the surface smooth, with silk luster and feel more.

process improvements make & other; Visual observation & throughout; The scope of reduction, so when & other; Visual observation & throughout; Failing to accurately judging linen fabrics, & other; The rubbing method & throughout; Is a simple and rapid method.

“ The rubbing method & throughout;

the linen products after pinched her hands relaxed, the surface will be more obvious creases and difficult to natural recovery, are generally made of pure cotton; And terylene or chemical fiber blended products due to its fiber properties, either with hands rubbing or folds are not easy to wrinkle.

not to the hotel or linen providers, each more than once on the quality of linen, is not only an extra weight control of operational risk, but also for guests to experience more attentively.
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