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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Jeans with its unique personality has been struggling in the forefront of the trend. Jeans at ordinary times attention when catharsis, washing jeans need to pay attention to what?

1. Jeans most of dyes are non-toxic dyes, with gradually faded, friction and washing jeans washing when natural bleaching for the first time, is a natural phenomenon, mixed with the other clothes are more likely to make other clothes stain cleaning. Newly purchased cowboy clothing for the first time when cleaning, can use first clean brine is separate, let its decoloring thoroughly washed, next time then cleaned with other clothes.

or the first time in the water, need to pour some vinegar in the water, soak for about half an hour at the same time to turn the pants over, used to lock the color. Because brunet pants is bound to have a little faded, and white vinegar can make that kind of blue color to keep the original luster.

2. Please don't use hot water soak pants, that would have greatly shrink phenomenon, water temperature 30 degrees or so commonly can. If possible, please don't use the washing machine to wash jeans, that will destroy the feeling of a fold pants, grey trousers, the natural ground white trousers body also can become not natural. Don't be ironed, keep natural.

3. Remember when they are washed wash inside out, can effectively slow fading. If there had not been oil or other special dirty jeans, minimize laundry detergent ( Neutral) The dosage ( Try not to use detergent, alkaline detergent, it's easy to let jeans fade) And even water washing.

4. Cotton jeans need to avoid thermal drying, in order to avoid shrinkage deformation.

5. Such as handmade, when cleaning should be washed by hand or opposite place clean laundry bag.

6. Avoid direct sunshine insolate, resulting in serious fade. Dry in ventilated place, Not ventilated can make the pants is not easy to dry, and will produce peculiar smell) 。

7. General jeans when catharsis, need to pull zipper, to avoid distortion when washing.

8. Has folded jeans, put into the laundry bag, Washed by hand or use) , cleaner (please use dish detergent Because general washing powder in order to have the effect of white) , composition containing a little bleach, jeans fade easily, dish soap contains no bleach, besides has the clean effect, still can go oily be soiled) 。

9. Hanging from the waist, turn it over to dry, dry in a dry ventilated place, avoid sunlight, easy to cause severe oxidation bleaching.

10. If you want to dehydration, dehydration, turn it over to same time not too long, a minute is ok.
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