Small coup - clean screen window Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Many people home screens are not down, dirty cleaning up very troublesome later. The solution to this problem is very simple, take a look at the small make up recommend small tips!

1. Wet water waste newspapers, and then the paper stick on the back of the screen, after five minutes, the newspaper on the screen window off, you will find the wet paper glue stain is full of dirt on the screen window, the simple use cloth to wipe the screen clean!

2. Adding edible soda ash to against the hot water into alkaline, with a soft brush dips in besmear after taking on the screen, after 5 minutes with a rag, dip in with tap water wet cloth to wipe it again. The remove greasy effect is obvious, effortlessly.

3. The edible flour add right amount clear water ( Concentration shoulds not be too thick, otherwise it is difficult to dry) After make the batter, dip in with soft brush after besmear is on the screen, after waiting for the batter hard shot fell from the window screen.

4. Wet tea leaves also have the same effect of adsorption, sprinkle with some brewed tea first, reoccupy broom sweep, very easily save trouble.

5. Pour the detergent or detergent in the basin; Stir well; Spread the newspaper on the dirty window screen; With home-made cleaner brush with the brush spread the newspaper on the dirty window screen; Papers such as dry, and then take down the newspaper, watching the screen became very clean. It is commonly used methods for the average person, and a lot of people think this method is more troublesome.

6. With watering can spray water while cleaning cloth, it is best to pressure watering can, so that the impact of the water power is greater, dirt more easily washed out. Under the powerful watering can inspire some housewife think with pressure nozzle cleaning screen window, used according to the feedback, cleaning effect is good. ( Rainy days are very convenient operation)

7. Ash cleaning method. Will soot collected, take a little add detergent and water is made after cleaning fluid, with a soft brush dips in besmear after taking on the screen, with a wet cloth to wipe the in about 10 minutes.

8. Milk cleaning method. To take a little milk to add detergent and water cleaning fluid, apply the soft brush the screen on both sides, after 5 ~ 8 minutes, dip in with tap water wet dishcloth. This dust cleaning special clean, but go fat effect.

9. Put a sheet of newspaper in the outside of the window screen, it is better to find something to newspapers, don't let it run, or by walking. Then close to the screen with cleaner, bit by bit from the inside to absorb dust and dirt.
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