Small coup - fur choose and buy Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Every winter

fur is one of the most popular trend of fashion

luxurious nobility, absolute modern degree and warm feeling

fur collocation can give a dreary winter

add a bright spot

to wear out their own charm and feelings

how to choose and buy fur

this should be a lot of fashion people a hot topic of

don't pick? Don't choose?

don't be afraid

to a few action!

fur is mainly from the following several aspects to identify

1, the hair:

hair measure of good or bad to go through the following several ways, the first is & other; See & throughout; , the high quality fur tentacles, soft hair thick and rich luster, color consistent.

followed by & other; Touch & throughout; , his hands brush fur fur and rear up, found no bald hair maojian tea break or dark color, and feel is smooth soft fur, the fur is superior products.

is the last & other Smell & throughout; That require fur no peculiar smell.

2, do manual work is:

fur work is also an important aspect in determining the quality of fur, when choosing fur, we should pay attention to the stitching of each piece of fur is smooth and solid, good hand the juncture place is close to reveal himself.

3, fit:

of course, no matter you choose the traditional elegance and fashion of fur fashion, the most important thing is to fit, can foil a your own temperament, in line with their own needs. When choosing fur size, how much should be looser, because after all, it is a winter, loose not only looks noble, and thermal effect is better.

fur how good or bad?


by hand push dial fur, see whether to drop hair, not to drop Mao Weijia.

2 steak:

opens hair and look pedal the presence of intensive short fluff, short hair is better heat preservation effect is good.

caught three:

by hand grasp fur, feel soft, as soft as well. In addition, when the choice should choose slightly bigger, such ability can wear comfortable.

what kind of leather is the best?

the most expensive: the whole skin

with the whole piece of fur fashion, leather face smooth, Mao Feng tidy, no obvious scar. Takes, so of course will be expensive.

the cheapest: spell leather

used to make the rest of the sable broken skin joining together and become, have obvious seam, leather face is concave and convex. Some never buy mink, this just like compound floor, can not stand close to see. Price is better than natural whole skin.

the softest: velvet

the guard to pull, to cut into 3 - the bottom pile 7 mm, benefits, of course, is light and soft can close when the lining.

the most fashionable: tasikmalaya article

just as its name implies, tasikmalaya article is a piece of a patchwork look, this is special exaggerated transverse splicing clearance to do special effects.

the most practical: woven

the fur is cut into a very fine article, with elastic thread woven together. Woven fur is the only thing you can also wear winter fur, or even in early spring is air-conditioned banquet, can be used to disperse the cold shoulder. Weaving to little fur size requirement, so the price cheaper than the whole mink, article tasikmalaya, of course, a lot.
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