Snow, what is the fabric? The main characteristic of fabrics of xue er? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Snow, what is the fabric? Chenille conductor is acrylic yarn twisting, or other chemical fiber as raw material camlet is cut into short plume from viscose yarn as raw materials, through the chenille machining into blended products.

the main characteristics of snow, does the fabric:

chenille line is characterized by fibre is grip on ply yarn, such as bottle brush shape. It soft, is widely used in velvet fabrics and decorative fabrics, fabric and luxuriant, with velvet. Also can be used directly as a braided line, has the full, warm, adornment effect good characteristic.

carpet car interior snow ernie this kind of fabric do not come again. At present the popular cities of deploying cotton chenille carpet is essentially composed of a cotton chenille yarn tufted, detailed comparison will have very big difference, but some manufacturer produce of pile is coarse, some manufacturer pile looks really is fine, is because each manufacturer chenille yarn caused by different money, purchased by scale of export is now made of 1 chenille yarn. Some manufacturer to produce cotton chenille carpet is the most wide width is two meters with big tufting machine, so I can order more than 160 * 5750 px specifications.

but some manufacturers are using smaller tufting machine, that can only make small specification if carpet is more than 120 * 4250 px, published online posts said picking cotton chenille is the most important is to look at the density, the higher density, the product, the better, this only shows the products one of the department.
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