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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Home with the baby's parents, struggle for baby wash clothes washing, in what some said with transparent soap washing, some said with laundry detergent to wash, also says washing with soap powder, that paragraph which good?

now novice small make up to you parents about these catharsis things different use soap powder can wash baby clothes, baby clothes, wash with what?

a, soap powder can wash baby clothes?

natural soap powder is environmental protection, more than 90% of the raw materials from renewable vegetable oils, low irritating to the skin, security is higher, after washing clothes fluffy soft; And low foam, more easy to rinse. Is suitable for cleaning close-fitting clothing and children's clothes.

when using detergent, also should according to the nature of the clothing to choose the appropriate cleaning products, and according to how much clothes and dirty net strictly control the consumption. Laundry detergent is suitable for cleaning soft clothing; Washing powder is more suitable for cleaning the cowboy clothing, thick coat and curtain, sofa cover, etc. Natural soap powder is more suitable for close-fitting clothing, infant clothing washing hand washing clothes and diapers, etc.

after washing the clothes, be sure to rinse clean and will be subject to no bubble. To protect the fabric, and can avoid the residual chemicals into the body.

2, the baby clothes with what to wash good

1, laundry detergent,

baby wash his clothes, and I use the laundry detergent with relatively more some, wash the clothes clean does not hurt the hand again at the same time, also does not hurt the clothes. And a mild scent. Is suitable for the small baby wash clothes, small pants.

2, transparent soap,

clean transparent soap to wash clothes, if you want to wash the baby diapers, or clothes stick the baby feces, this time is especially suitable for use transparent soap to wash, strong decontamination ability.

3, soap,

some people think of soap is better, the older generation of people are using soap to wash clothes, and don't have much chemical additives. But the smell of the soap is very smelly, decontamination ability is also very normal, I don't recommend to use baby wash his clothes, wash your socks or shoes is ok.

4, baby soap

the baby special soap, because it is specially designed for babies, so more targeted, but the price of these items will be on the high side, should use your cloth. Suggested that close baby special soap to wash their clothes.

5, soap powder

soap powder is a combination of washing and protective function of washing products, have natural, strong decontamination, low foam, easy to rinse, etc. Its main active material is fatty acids, more than 90% of the raw materials from renewable vegetable oils, and contains no polyphosphates.

natural soap powder is better than that of washing powder, more suitable for close-fitting clothes, its main characteristic of natural, soft seal, strong decontamination, ultra low bubble, Yi Piao clear, leave a faint scent, these advantages in the washing contrast experiments. Baby suit to wash clothes.
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