Some problems about dry cleaning - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
1, what kind of clothes should not be dry-cleaned: polypropylene class clothing ( With rain silk, etc. ) , rubber products, Including elastic) Class decorations, artificial leather, paint ( Like the flower of the paint) With metal decorations, wool products with gluewater.

2, often dry cleaning will shorten the service life of clothing: no, on the contrary, often dry cleaning can prolong the life of duty, this is because the water first to make clothes fiber expansion, which, when washing detergent will seep into the fiber, it is difficult to clean, residual detergents will erode fibers, which make the fiber brittle, resulting in a loss of life of clothing. And dry cleaning is not clothes fiber expansion, dry cleaner, especially oil solution, not into the fiber, thus will not result in a clothes become fragile, will not affect its life is reduced, in person, stains on the clothes after a long time will affect its life, and once to make sure the stick on tiny dust or other small particle contamination, will like sandpaper quickly wear fabric. In addition attached spore bacteria such as in the dust will also further damage the clothes.

3, dry cleaning can kill bacteria, can, but not all of the bacteria, generally speaking, clothing of microorganisms can be divided into spore germs, caterpillar, and parasites. In the process of dry cleaning, due to the effect of dry cleaners, bacteria, no caterpillar and moth larvae can kill, for spores, through the role of international cooperation to make spun off from the clothing, and then use the filter. For lice, can kill, but because of its strong adhesion, can't separate from the clothes.

4, dry-clean clothes shrink: no. Dry cleaning process is normal with the right, the clothes will not happen, if there is shrinking: one is due to the original clothing factory without advance preshrunk, 2 it is mixed with water in the dry cleaner.

5, when a piece of clothing marked with & other; You can wash & throughout; , does that mean it can't dry cleaning: not quite. Because clothing tag to specify at least maintain indicate an appropriate maintenance methods. Laundry is usually according to the instructions on the label, unless the customer require other washing way. If you ask the cleaners will be a marked & other; You can wash & throughout; Clothes dry cleaning, laundry will allow you to sign a similar & other; Guarantee & throughout; Such as files, because it is you require dry cleaning.

6, wash garment whether to adopt the method of washing the fabric: is not the case. Must be used during washing leather special program and add the appropriate additive, it can help keep the leather color and texture. Sometimes after garment washing should also be sprayed to make up for the return of color again. But it can't often go to change color.

7, could you please clean clothes stored in plastic bags, plastic bags to you from the inside of the laundry home clean. But it is best not to add the bag when saved.
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