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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Nowadays with the lace, fashion shoes, rivet, diamond, paint and so on all sorts of adornment, let feet shoes is more and more fashionable. However, some difficult to do the leather, you back for the pursuit of fashion. Today small make up teach you some special leather care method.

cashmere leather

& other; Cashmere leather is a leather skin through special processing, should prevent blow be affected with damp be affected with damp and touch, and stained with corrosive chemicals, if the leather face wet, should with dry cloth to absorb moisture, and then air dry in the shade, avoid exposure in the sun, easy occurrence blowout or otherwise fade phenomenon, affect beautiful. Surface dust can use special sponge or brush wipe gently remove; In case of stains, such as wearing long after used white, can use spray fastens with color update agent, receive please placed in a dry place, avoid moisture and sunlight. ”


& other; Do not use hard brush, can use dry cloth gently wipe the surface dust, to avoid sharp objects to touch. ”


& other; If there is any dust can use wet cloth clean ( Is better to not drop) Can't afford to gently scrub clean, or use the velvet soft cloth wipe up, cannot use brightener or shoes milk and maintenance, can cause false peeling coating or instep hair black; To avoid color faded color, shoe should not contact with other leather goods, long time in a shoe recommendations will respectively into single shoe shoe bag storage, prevent staining with each other. ”

sand nets, bud silk, silk fabrics,

& other; With sharp objects touch of avoid by all means, should not be wearing walk or exercise at ordinary times. When cleaning a slightly damp cloth to wipe, with white or light color can't wash with water. Shoes should be as far as possible when saving is put at ordinary times, tucked inside the shoe filler, prevent extrusion or be affected with damp be affected with damp is out of shape. ”


& other; Avoid slippery places on a rainy day, snow wear the shoes, lest flyblown after bad to do, and Mao Yi fall off; , collocation is not recommended because of its special material to a hard wearing trousers, such as jeans, friction, hair falls off phenomenon. ”

diamond and pearl

& other; Do not wash or exposure to chemicals, lest cause accessories fall off or lacklustre, should avoid friction with a hard object to touch, if there is any stain please gently wipe with dry cloth. ”

flash sheepskin

& other; The goat skin leather skin surface has been sanded ( Similar to cashmere leather) After the high temperature, the metal film stick on suede, via jilt system make the metal film breaking even. Maintenance: so skin surface of metal film, thus not like benzene, solvents, at the same time the attention should be paid to the waterproof leather and suede effect, such as the one thousand invasion of water to dry as soon as possible. If polluted, can wipe with soft flannelette directly try. ”

head layer cowhide

& other; Use appropriate fastens with color shoes with high quality nursing cream, with a soft cloth evenly daub, want to use the method of circular arc running when daub evenly daub, placed ventilated place dry for 5 minutes, then back and forth with a soft cloth to wipe, not too hard, a natural gloss. ”
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