Spoiled teach you on how to remove clothes 6 small method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
The wet clothes for a long time it's easy to have spoiled, how to deal with this situation? Don't worry, today small make up teach you how to remove the clothes spoiled, hurry up and see it.

a, how to remove the clothes spoiled

1, in a hurry to wear out, can use hair dryer cold wind blow the clothes for 15 minutes.

2, put the relish clothes there is water vapor, such as freshly washed a bath in the bathroom, can effectively remove the smell on the clothes.

3, clean water, add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and half a bag of milk, put the relish clothes in soak for 10 minutes, then wash can remove the peculiar smell.

4, ready to dry clothes fold, with a towel wrapped up, then put in the freezer frozen out after 7, 8 hours, unfolds, the air or on the balcony outside. So that air clothes dry quickly and won't have mildew, bad smell.

5, with a clean large black garbage bag ( Or in black cotton, because permeability is better) Cut open, and enough to cover the size of the clothing with good clip clip, where there is light and ventilation. Black absorbs heat and ultraviolet ray, and has functions of sterilization, does not appear over your worst, than natural air dry quickly, especially suitable for hanging clothes in rainy day.

6, the 1/3 place bend forward force on both ends of the wire hangers, racks into three-dimensional, drying clothes, front and rear wouldn't stick together. Clothes inside of the ventilation can greatly shorten the drying time, rainy day clothes to dry quickly.

2, how to remove the smell on the clothes

1, soak a clean with salt water. Because salt can disinfection, sterilization, prevent cotton faded, so before wearing new clothes, must be soaked with salt water is clean, rinse with plenty of water rinse several times, to reduce the formaldehyde content in clothing;

2, bathroom steam method. After the shower, we will have a taste of clothes hanging in the bathroom, close the door, use after bath water vapor will be on the new clothes smell evaporate, the second day early in the morning you will it out again, the clothes will have no taste.

3, with a fresh scent of natural soap powder, pour on the new clothes, pour the right amount of water, no clothes, bubble 10 minutes, reoccupy clear water is rinsed clean, full of sunshine in place, you will find that the sun after new clothes without peculiar smell, not only become faint scent. Good natural soap powder like white soap powder, with elegant fragrance, integrated many kinds of flowers, pure and fresh happy person.

3, white yellow how

1, soap exposure method. With soap and water or detergent wash white clothes, rinse clean, then play the soap again, this time don't rinse, but directly into a clean, transparent plastic bags ( Or plastic bag) In sealed, 2 hours in the sun after the scrub, rinse, can be as white as new. If the yellow part is more, can look after a hour bags, ensure uniform clothes each place all tan. This soap exposure method is sealed in plastic bags, and how to prevent white hair Huang Zhong & other; As far as possible exposure in the sun & throughout; Different, one is direct exposure, exposure is a seal. Through the author personally test several times, this method is very effective and does not hurt the clothing, it is recommended to use.

2, beer and blue ink. First make sure have clean clothes, and then to the formal steps. Half a bowl in the basin with water; Pour half a bottle of beer, beer and water ratio of the two; Drip into the third ink, blue ink cover, and water is slightly blue; Put clean extensive is yellow clothes in the basin, soak half an hour. The final rinse clean can.

3, disinfectant bleaching method. Or bleaching powder, water soaking with disinfectant. This method should pay attention to the proportion of disinfectant to water and soak time, disinfectant detergency is stronger, but some damage to clothing. Suggested after rinsing, best again after the water for 15 to 30 minutes, to decrease the damage degree of the disinfectant on clothes.

4, the water that clean out rice. Yellow silk clothes, can be in clean the water that clean out rice, every day in a water, yellow can fade away in two or three days.

5, turnip soup washing method. White clothes if dirt is more, can be washed with turnip soup, white as new.

6, spinach, water washing method. White yellow clothes can use hot water spinach soup soak, clean again, also can better remove yellow mark.

7, orange peel, water immersion method. When wash white clothes, can heat the orange peel into the pot boil off, use the yellow soup soak, washing clothes, can make the clothes were white as new.

8, lemon law. Lemons have bleaching, clothes, rinse thoroughly with water with lemon juice added also has bleaching. Especially your white socks, add 2 ~ 3 slice of lemon in the hot water, then wash the white socks soaked after 10 minutes, socks, it is easy to wash.

9, freezing method. After washing clothes into plastic bag in the refrigerator freezer, take out after about an hour. This method applies not only to white clothes, also applicable to other light-colored clothes.

10, water temperature control. White dress it is better to wash in cold water, or rinse water temperature and washing water temperature. Like white clothes after warm washing powder water or soap to wash, rinse the best temperature close to the water the first time. If your clothes in cold water immediately after being washed, the fiber contained in the detergent will be material quenching contraction to surrounded by the not easy to wash. Detergent in clothes can make clothes yellow color.
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