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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
1. Some scouring agent of some fiber or fabric colour and lustre is influential, therefore, should first have a correct judgment of the fibers.

if you really can't judge, can be in the clothing to find a place not impede clothing quality or appearance make a completely same with formal scouring experiment, observe whether fiber have change, also pay attention to whether or not dye colour and lustre is affected at the same time, found that there is no problem to impose the same method with besmirch to stains.

2. Using mechanical action, namely, upon the power of the besmirch place, should be from light to heavy, right use of strength.

3. For the fabric, Except for pile fabric) Of scouring, should buy to besmirch, oriented and step mat smooth soft, opposite in fabric to add drops of scouring agent, reduce stain opportunity to penetrate the fabric, and each with a scouring agent or complete a mechanical action, must change the mat and the stains of the contact surface, in order to reduce secondary pollution.

4. For any stain removal, scouring agent, to prevent the spread of the stain, so use scouring agent should by besmirch to center around the drip.

5. Unidentified stains, do not use scouring agent. On the premise of not damage the fabric, can first begins with a mild scouring agent test, exploration to move forward.

6. For hard stain, should with suitable scouring agent to make it fully wetting soften again after processing, is hard to deal with, so as not to affect fiber.

7. Stains of unknown in nature, must not use heating with steam spray gun spray, avoid being heated as obstinate stains.

8. In the same way to deal with the stain, if handled 2 to 3 times, the effect is still not clear, should consider to switch to another method.

use chemicals to remove the stain, place must be cleaned by processing, avoid the chemical residues and damage to clothing.

1, perspiration: ammonia soap, acetic acid, protease, hot brine and ammonia soap

2, blood: wash in cold water, 26% ammonia, ammonia alcohol soap, protease processing

3, mildew stains: ammonia, white & ndash; 3%双氧水漂白

4、 油漆渍:四氯乙稀,汽油,肥皂酒精液




8、 动植物油:四氯乙稀,酒精皂液

9、 兰墨水:中性洗涤剂,28%醋酸,酒精氨水皂液,氧化剂

10、 墨汁:中性洗涤剂,酒精浓皂液,4%大苏打刷洗

11、 鞋油:优质汽油,四氯乙稀,氨水浓皂液,松节油

12、 机油:优质汽油,四氯乙稀,酒精浓皂液

13、 衣领污渍:衣领净,氨水皂液

14、 唇膏:汽油,氨水皂液

15、 巧克力:四氯化碳,浓皂液,蛋白酶处理,3%双氧水


17、 复写纸:酒精,酒精浓皂液


19、 青草:香蕉水,中性洗涤剂,28%醋酸,草酸,3%双氧水

20、 焦斑:曝晒,3%双氧水,肥皂液


22、 指甲油:汽油,氨水皂液

23、 香水:甘油,醋酸

24、 牛奶:蛋白酶处理

25、 口香糖:四氯乙稀

26、 蕃茄酱:蛋白酶

27、 呕吐渍:汽油,5%氨水,洒精皂液

28、极光渍:25%冰醋酸,50— Between 60 degrees, the steam brush,

29, poster colour: wash, ammonia liquid soap, protease processing

30, printing oil, glycerin, ammonia soap

scouring special notice:

acetic acid concentration of 28%, the dissolution acetate fabrics, pay special attention to the material for acetic acid;

alcohol has damage to most of the dye, especially silk;

hydrofluoric acid to remove the rust with immediate effect, have certain risk, must do color fastness test.

insurance powder to remove other clothes to the clothing chain color stains;

ballpoint pen oil directly with carbon tetrachloride or banana oil removal;

coffee stains, white shirt terylene, hydrogen peroxide solution 2 & ndash; 3 caps + 70 & ndash; hot water 80 degrees, for 20 minutes;
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