String of color stain removal way - carpet Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
About carpet series color stain removal methods:

before washing, both sides should use vacuum cleaner first carpet dust suction clean, detergent should choose special carpet detergent. Will carpet tile present earth, to be soaked with water, then dip in with soft brush detergent to scrub, one piece scrub and rinse with water, and wash away the dirty water in time, to avoid pollution or string color again, until all the carpet scrub out. The larger water imbibition of carpet, rinse with water, after repeated washing, until rinse the detergent, with a concentration of 1% glacial acetic acid or vinegar 2% concentration of aqueous solution evenly spray carpet surface, after waiting for acid solution to spread evenly rinse again, with drum type instruments in the dehydration, dehydration after the carpet up hanging on the scaffolding.

when dry, should prevent the dust settled on the carpet is positive and make its decoloring by direct sunlight. The scaffolding span cannot too big, in order to prevent the carpet color by suspension through big lock or deformation. Pure wool carpet edge spike mostly white, after washing is easy to color, water pollution can be bleached by hydrogen peroxide after dry.

operation method is: follow the carpet with hydrogen peroxide solution ear floating vertical brush, after waiting for carpet spike was bleached with scrub brush dips in water, the residual hydrogen peroxide on carpet spike scrub off, in case of damage of material.
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