Suddenly lost color washing clothes? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Wash the clothes when suddenly rub off the hair of his clothes, this is often the case in the water. Actually rub off degree also has weight.

as a slight discoloration is not terrible, as long as it doesn't stop the operation to proceed, until completion. And add some acetic acid when the last rinse for solid color, stop continue to rub off. If the discoloration is serious, a lot about washing water dye, then need to be careful operation, never stop a clothes in the washing process, operation to move fast. At the same time must be used after washing containing acetic acid water rinse several times, then the color situation can be control, the final rinse, can add some acetate appropriately, without then rinse with water after washing machine dehydration dry.

the worst rub off is relatively difficult, very few clothes color changed, immediately after the water just as invested some dyes. These clothes can take the operator's hand with colors, the most serious rub off clothes is coarse line sweater class or silk clothes. When this happens don't need to panic, still have to adhere to the quick finished washing your clothes, you must not stop in the middle. And then in turn with acetic acid water to rinse.

the worst rub off can also be used & other; Crane color & throughout; Save. At the beginning of the washing is the most severe hanging color, don't stop washing and quickly complete washing process. Pay attention to the washing water don't dump to join a large number of acetic acid and stir evenly, put the clothes back into the washing water for color processing, will fall off of dye reset back to clothing. Fall off after 30 minutes, then the color will gradually return to clothes, after containing acetic acid rinse it can dry dehydration.
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