Suede shoes look bad to do, cleaning method - black suede shoes Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Black suede shoes is indispensable for the winter styles, both warm and fashion, if you wear after a long time is need cleaned on a regular basis. So how do suede shoes dirty with black suede shoes how cleaning tips.

suede shoes dirty way to clean the

1. To clean the dust on the surface of the shoes. With soft dry cloth or dry brush will wipe away the dust on the surface of the shoes.

2. With detergent, vinegar, water, according to the proportion of the 2:1:50 cleaning fluid, with shoe brush dips in the solution and carefully scrub the surface of the leather shoes, dirty bubble with a wet sponge blot, in case the shoes wet.

3. After clean the surface basic suede leather shoes, reoccupy clear water scrubbing of leather surface 1 ~ 2 times, finally put in ventilated place dry.

4. The shoes dry after an hour or two, when hair is a bit dry, brush with rubber surface in one direction, make hair scattered, finishing.

suede shoes how do

1. Fortress newspaper such as shoes after air inside the shoe uppers hold up, 15 cm from the shoes uniform spray update agent.

2. If the shoe drops of the oil, can use the suede to oil processing, with suede renovation spray spray again.

3. In sweet lamp aing kind of sweet grass of common essential oils on the market will be enough, general price within ten yuan. Evenly pour oil on a cotton pad on the instep, along the grain of suede, just can have very good dust control effect.

4. If is nursing has been through the suede shoes, can brush with cloth or soft first, follow the direction of the suede, sweep the dust on the surface of the clean, again using the above method, put on some essential oil, thin suede shoes is a good way to care.

note: all shoes should be after dry cleaning and natural shade, milk to use shoes, shoe polish or stain remover, the use of these products, please read the producers.

suede shoes how to maintain the

1, suede wear

suede shoes time is long, vamp will be wear and tear, especially the toe part of the suede will gradually fall off, not only affect the aesthetic of shoes, and shoes waterproof will become worse. At that time, in view of the small wear and scratches can be dealt with properly: guarantee in dry, suede with scissors correct damaged, the damage rate according to the selected file and sand paper, for grinding, again with a stiff brush where recuperation rotating brush back and forth, let the shoe is beautiful.

2, suede cleaning

fluffy shoes dirty don't try so hard to wipe, because after wiping, the shoes can actually make the tiny dust to coat the bottom of the fiber, and let the dirty part of the increasingly expanding, divergent, more and more bad. You handle villi shoes dust the correct way is: if the fuzzing dust is more, in the case of villi keep dry, use soft toothbrush brush back and forth the instep; If the wool surface is oil or stubborn stains, will brush back and forth, with a soft brush to soak soapy water rinse again; If not stubborn stains, can try to use the eraser to wipe, in general, most can remove stains.

3, shoes wet water

the camel outdoor climbing shoes villi and is a very difficult situation after the shoes wet by water, by this time, the right thing to do is put down the shoes dry naturally, or with out hair towel first a little bit of water to dry again, be careful not to exposure or baking, this will cause damage to shoes, wait until seven and eight dry, tucked down inside the shoe waste newspapers, such as propping up the instep, the shoes to avoid deformation.

4, shoes receive

some people to maintain wool shoes with shoe powder, the result is right also. However, after everyone remember to finish processing the redundant shoe powder on his shoes clean with the brush. In addition, if the shoes don't wear when you after cleaning and correction action, to put the villi shoes in shoe box to receive.

when you receive, to ensure the villi shoes completely dry, avoid wet shoes mold, and the hair inside the shoe with newspaper and waste paper tube until shoes, shoes to prevent deformation in the empty time. But, you don't put down shoes in plastic bags sealing is received, so don't breathe freely, leather can't breathe, can make shoes mold.
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