Summer arrived, the mulberry silk clothing will you wash? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Choose the general natural mulberry silk fabrics clothes is very cool. Because of its cooling ability is very strong, will not change with temperature, while wearing in the hot sun, also won't feel hot. But such clothes can't wash as usual, you will need to master certain skills, can let it do not fade, changeless form.

1, washing method

due to the special composition of mulberry silk fabrics, such as clothes can't wash as usual. It has to be hand wash, do not machine wash.

2, washing products

silk clothes, wash it is important to note that can't use high alkaline detergent, soap and detergent. General use neutral bath dew can, of course it is best to use special laundry detergent to wash silk, is easy to do. Also, avoid is used a above 30 degrees Celsius hot water washing.

3, the specific method

if only a few sweat performance, wash can also, use less as far as possible the detergent; With water with bath dew or special laundry detergent to wash silk soak for a few seconds, and then gently with the hand grasp it is good to wash a few times, don't scrub when washing.

4, drying method

laundry available slightly squeezed dry white towel, don't wring. After washing cannot exposure in the sun, otherwise will be extensive blond, hard, can only be hung to dry in ventilated place.
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