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by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Summer, how to put the & other; Sweaty & throughout; Wash out?

some people think it is sweat, quickly replaced with hot water washing, thought that can be washed, instead it is to accelerate the perspiration to infiltrate fabric. Principle:

the sweat contains a lot of water and a small amount of salt, proteins, urea and other organic substances. Protein in colloidal form soluble in water at room temperature, once heated, solidification, not easy to dissolve in water; Sunlight or air oxidation, will also become difficult to wash out the yellow dirt.

the same also like & other; Blood, juice, milk, soy milk, broth, fine spot and so on throughout the &; Contain protein, is can't use hot water to clean.

1, the method of cold saline to perspiration

perspiration fabric yellowing, because inside the protein oxidation. Someone did experiments: there will be be soiled clothes soaked with saline water for an hour, found the perspiration to wash off. And he did an experiment: 50 g to 1000 ml of water and salt, there will be a sweat soaked clothes, the effect is remarkable.

2, consumption of sodium bicarbonate scouring

will be about 25 grams of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in 500 grams of hot water, fully and completely dissolved, stay cool to 40 degrees, soaked sweat stain clothes, even the washing powder can also need not, wash so neatly.

3, the water that clean out rice lemon juice,

yellow silk bedding or clothing, elders will teach you in the water that clean out rice into a few drops of lemon juice, soak for 30 minutes before washing in a normal way, silk bedding, clothing macular will disappear, not only white like new, but also send out light lemon flavor, kill two birds with one stone.

4, vinegar to perspiration

apply white vinegar to the perspiration, about 10 minutes, for the acetic acid in vinegar and perspiration sufficient protein, again into the washing machine. Can also be a thick slice of lemon peel to squeeze juice, mix with to about 100 ml water, instead of edible vinegar, usage is the same, the effect as well.

other stains cleaning:

1, remove the color pen stains

some naughty children will take color pen drawing their world, everywhere one not careful, the head of a bed quilt will be his canvas. At this point, from the chemical store to buy some oxalate ( Granular) , will be contaminated with colour stains of bed is tasted by soaking water dissolving oxalate scrub, can remove traces.

2, avoid staining

don't rub off if you want to avoid sheet, just bought, can put some salt in the water, A bucket of water and a small spoon) , to immediately rinse after washing clean, do not hang around too long! Finally, don't in the sunlight, the sunlight will make dye degeneration. Should be kept in a cool, ventilated place dry.

3, washing soy sauce stains

method 1: need to use sugar. Spots first soaked with water, and then sprinkle a spoonful of sugar, knead by hand. We can see a part of soy sauce trace has been covered in sugar, then wash with water, can remove the soy sauce stains.

method 2: use fresh lotus root, with a knife cut fresh lotus root, fresh lotus root juice sauce in trace, 10 minutes after washing in the water, can get rid of soy sauce stains.

method 3: need to use baking soda. Spots will place after soaking, coated with baking soda, 10 minutes remove with clean water, can get rid of soy sauce stains.

4, and easily remove mildew)

the tender mungbean sprout on mildew, rub hard, put some mungbean sprout and then rub again, the color is light a lot, final reoccupy clear water flushing, easily remove mildew.

5, clean blood
sometimes, nosebleeds, scratches the wound can make bedding with blood, blood processing has a golden rule, that is, while the blood did not work quickly.

the stick to blood soaked in cold water, gently rub, preliminary treatment for blood; Add salt and detergent into the cold water, white turnip juice or mashed carrots mixed salt can remove blood on the bed is tasted; If the contamination for a long time, can use 10% of the ammonia or 3% hydrogen peroxide solution wiping the dirt, after a while, then wash in cold water strong.

6, cleaning plasters

sometimes on the bed is tasted ceng plasters can use alcohol to add a few drops of water, Or use the sorghum wine can also) , where is stained with plaster stains rub, plaster to net, rinse again, also can use base surface and in the dirt, add some warm water, knead a few times, can be removed.

7, clean the bedding of yellow

used long quilt pillow core, etc. , will find that the zone, with washing rice water to add orange peel, easy and effective, keep washing rice water or the orange peel into the cooked in the pot with water, immerse yellow quilt pillowcase with the rubbing can easily to restore its pure white. Not only simple, also don't like the fluorescent whitening agent selling market will cause side effects to the skin without harming the fabric, the good method that is worth a try.
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