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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
In the summer often wear fabric mainly for bud silk, the hemp qualitative clothing, pure cotton and silk fabrics. These fabrics clothing due to the special material on cleaning and nursing method is different also, only classify the handle can make blossom a the most beautiful colorful clothes, and prolong the service life of clothing. Small make up today to bring us different fabrics clothes cleaning and nursing methods.

a, hemp qualitative clothing

flax is the earliest human use of natural plant fiber, with its natural, of primitive simplicity, rare, natural color and noble, known as & other Natural fiber in the fiber queen & throughout; It has absorb sweat, good air permeability and harmless to the human body and other significant characteristics, relaxed and softness, hygroscopicity quick drying for the characteristics of hemp.

1, suggest hand wash room temperature

cotton and linen clothes washed by hand as far as possible under normal temperature, generally do not soak for a long period of time is the best water wash, it is recommended to use neutral detergent washing, avoid using washing liquid bleaching compositions, to against the washing and drying, avoid exposure, not to twist dry;

2, if you need ironing

if you need ironing when pressing need to dry the clothes,

2, mix of cotton and linen fabrics

the respective advantages of mix of cotton and flax material. To the rough and soft, with environmental protection, breathe freely, comfortable, hang down feeling good, wearing comfortable easy do last longer. Good mix of cotton and linen is the most comfortable fabrics, bring carefree close skin feeling! 100% of the natural health!

1, suggested by hand at room temperature: cotton and linen are not suitable for soaking clothes, to wash in cold water; First washing water wash, had better add a spoonful of salt to the cold water.

2, if you need ironing, to wear the effect is more perfect, ironing before wearing, generally use 160 ℃ - cotton and linen fabric Ironing temperature 180 ℃.

3, note: use neutral detergent or special laundry detergent, such as silk linen detergent, etc. Banning the use of chlorine, enzyme washing supplies. After washing, don't exposure in the sun. Knitting products please laid out to dry.

3, knitting fabrics,

knitting fabric with a soft wet absorption, air, excellent elasticity and extensibility and its producibility. Knitting clothing wearing comfortable, personal and body, no sense of strength, can fully embody the body curve.

1, suggest hand wash: knitting/hair soft and warm, elastic, wrinkle resistance is strong, slightly shrink, easy pilling, should not be hung sun, high temperature drying, prevent bug eat by moth.

2, if you need ironing: dry to eighty percent when the medium temperature ironing.

3, note: when cleaning, depth color of clothes to wash separately, with silk ingredients can add a little vinegar in the water when washing clothes, wash clothes can increase brightness.

4, real silk dress

smooth texture of silk, reveal elegant at the same time, more can bring people the most comfortable wearing experience, but how do delicate silk clothing clean and care? After the sweat should wash in a timely manner. Because of the silk alkali resistance performance is poor.

1, suggest that hand washing: choose neuter, lotions containing low alkaline detergent for washing or silk. Dissolves adequately, soak clothes for 5 minutes, then knead gently, don't be too long in the water immersion time, again with clean water, washing need only after the completion of natural air dry in a cool, ventilated place. Real silk fabrics will be more bright color should be air-dried to dry. Air-dried, fabric should be open, do not overlap. Storage should not put camphor ball.

2, if you need ironing: dry to eighty percent when take down with medium temperature ironing, should not be directly ironing, when ironing should be stamped with a wet cloth on the clothes or wet towel again very hot;

5, lace dress:

lace dress complex, sending out the rich woman is the first choice for the love of beauty of beautiful women, women more the feeling of beauty. How do the bud silk clothes clean and care?

if you are at home cleaning the lace, just simply put the lace in the laundry bag, with neutral detergent washing is ok. But more advanced products of lace, preferably to cleaners, after washing with low temperature iron will wrinkles in lace, lace is good ductility, can keep the lace pattern is not twisted.

no concentrated detergent and bleach on fabric damage larger cleaner, the cleaner will influence a lot of color, the stability of the spoiled with good products.
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