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by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Ice silk car MATS

recommended in professional laundry to wash, to prevent deformation cushion! In the 30 - Soak 10 kinds of the water temperature of 40 degrees to use neutral detergent, bleach and chlorine jie brighteners, lest cause fade. When catharsis to try to wipe gently with a soft brush, not with a stiff brush, seat surface to avoid damage. After wash, hang to dry in a cool, ventilated place, do not twist dry hard, cannot be ironed, nor exposure in the sun.


after washing and drying in the airtight plastic bag inside, and placed the moisture absorption agent, I put it in ventilated dry place, do not fold or weight for a long time.

leather/microfiber leather car seats

use a vacuum cleaner to dust absorption, professional soft leather cleaner cleanness, don't use hair dryer to dry quickly after clean leather, it is best to dry naturally.


suggest new or modified after the holster 15 days in professional care shop for leather wax coated with a layer of protection. Holster far away from heat source as far as possible, otherwise it will cause leather chaps. Avoid exposure in the sun for a long time, it will lead to leather fade.

flax car MATS

washed, dry-cleaned. When washed, soaked in 30 degrees Celsius temperature first 10 minutes, wash not wrest, by leveling after the natural order. Can't use the washing machine dehydration, air-dried to eighty percent, the high temperature iron, this will be more smooth. Attention not to brush when hand washing, avoid linen cushion fluff, decorative pattern color fade.


put to burn some hot water temperature is not hot it is advisable to add some toilet water after touching water carrying dry with a clean towel to wipe, hang them up not chairman mildew.

wool car MATS

there was a slight pollution, use clean hair dry lotion wipe gently dipping wool hair surface, remove dirt, clear soap, dip in with towel clean water can be repeated several times, pedal trying not to get wet in the process of operation, and timely in ventilated place dry. There are stains serious, professional cleaners and dyers payable processing. Please don't optional clean or to the cleaners and dyers clean with no quality guarantee. In order to avoid unnecessary losses.


shall not contact with high temperature, Such as water, electric blanket, etc. ), direct sun And strong detergents. If because of packing and folding lodging cause product surface wool for a long time, please start shaking a few times, products will restore the original elasticity, it won't damage its soft quality. Put in ventilated dry place, do not fold and stress for a long time. If use pest or camphor ball, do not use the direct contact with the fur, please in ventilated place before collection and half shade under the condition of drying. Wool cushion with long time after the wool will be slightly curly, available at little sticks to tap the wool surface, can make the hair soft and smooth, and can remove dust and restore natural forms good, keep soft and comfortable.

note: wool material car MATS Suggestions to professional dry cleaner to dry cleaning. The most important of all, try to avoid in everyday use badly soiled, or frequent washing will make qualitative cushion texture variation.

more commonly used cleaning method and maintenance material car MATS, hope to help everyone car cushion, can prolong the service life of you car MATS.
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