Summer curtains so don't wash shrink deformation! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Summer arrived, the weather is getting hot, so household health also gradually conspicuous. So how do summer curtain clean? According to the experience summed up the following kinds of curtain, cleaning method and the matters needing attention.

the velvet curtain

that makes when this kind of curtain became dirty, can soak in alkaline cleaning fluid in it first, with the hand gently pressing. Wash and put on inclined frame, make water automatic drip dry, will make the curtain clean like new.

soft shutter shade

soft shutter shade is to use a kind of more curtain. Cleaning, had closed the window first, spray on the right amount clear water or polish, then use dry cloth, so that we can make the curtain to keep the clean and bright for a long time. Curtain rope, can use a texture is soft bristle brush wipe gently. If the curtain is dirtier, can dip in with dishcloth some warm water soluble open washing clean, solution of ammonia of usable also a few is wiped.

roller curtain

pulls down dirty roller curtain first, level, wipe with a cloth. It is empty normally in the central of roller, can grow a rod with, one end of the wearing down into kept turning, will remove dust.

the curtain that canvas or hemp make

is not suitable for clean directly in water, should dip in with sponge mixture liquid of some of wen shui or soap solution, ammonia solution to wipe, after waiting for air, roll up.

the right type of lace curtain

a current compare modern trendy curtain, cleaner should be used when cleaning first epispastic dirt, brush with a soft feather next had swept gently. Note that, don't lace askew.
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