Summer laundry frequently, water to wash clothes rub off how to prevent contamination accident - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Clothing is washed color from the high incidence of accident, and control and prevent water color contamination accident is not difficult. As long as correctly, seriously, can effectively control and prevention.

1. Strictly grasp the principle of color separation of washing, different color clothes don't put together the washing. Its formal product generally choose high color fastness of fabric, in order to make sure when catharsis does not rub off and contamination occurs, so this kind of be rub off when washing clothes, but in the improper washing conditions ( Such as the higher concentration of detergent, wash the higher temperature) When it is difficult to ensure no fading, even there are still in the process of dry rub off and contamination may occur. Therefore, clothing accessory combination by different color fabrics must separate processing, pickling fixation measures after washing will be taken.

2. No matter what kind of fabrics, accessories, there is no absolute don't rub off, so any clothes washing process, are not allowed to have a long time of soaking, piled up, not to mention the pause in the process of washing, suspended, or pile up. Any laundry division should get into continuous operation, no pause, the good habit of not drag.

3. Dark, dense color and bright-coloured color fabric dye content ( Dye density) Is high, easy to rub off; All kinds of leather and fur accessories most of the color fastness is very low, is extremely easy to rub off. All of these have tended to rub off clothes must wash separately, to chain operation process, quickly.

4. Pickling has very good fixation function, is also an effective method to prevent discoloration contamination. Suggest using 0. 1% ~ 0. Water 2% glacial acetic acid for pickling. Pickling operation is simple and easy, also need not rinse after glacial acetic acid wash. Besides white clothes, most after finish washing, bleaching nd spinning the washed clothes, need to be pickling process. The color bright or dark clothing must after pickling, in order to prevent the occurrence rub off. Always use different color fabrics or with clothes of different colors in attachment must also pickling, can't have any chances to treat this kind of clothes.

5. For a test or known clearly rub off clothes, must take the isolation measures, when washing don't contact with any other clothes. Washing the sooner the better, the whole dehydration must be used when clean towel can turn may rub off some of the ( Such as dye fabric, embroidery, leather accessories, etc. ) Liner isolate, leave no chance.

6. As soon as possible after pickling for dehydration is one of the important measure to prevent discoloration from. Easy to rub off after washing clothes must be done as soon as possible, dehydration, the sort of drip dry process takes the most prone to spread and color and locks. Clothing the more the moisture content on the occurrence rub off from the greater the chance. As far as possible with memories help reduce rub off and drying process.
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