Summer laundry mistake, you're innocent again? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
The hot summer weather, laundry high frequency, some daily laundry in the laundry error often ignored. Temperatures and bacteria breeding speed, laundry be doubly careful.

province water and electricity, washing clothes with

many people don't think the summer clothes dirty, used to save together washing clothes, a saving is a week. But you know, the hot weather, with perspiration stains clothing susceptible to bacterial breed and double. The heat of avoid by all means saving together to wash clothes.

washing machine finished cleaning not

outside the dolly tub and a set of common full-automatic washing machine barrel, water will flow back and forth between two barrels of interlining, the interlayer is not easy to clean, after a long time will be attached to a lot of bacteria. Under the environment of high temperature, damp, bacteria breeding will be faster. Therefore, after each use the washing machine should open the washing machine lid, ventilated dry, with the door open in order to reduce bacteria breeding.

long soak decontamination effect is good

this statement is not very scientific, because clothes soaking time is too long, most of the fabric will happen hydrolysis, thus reduce the service life of clothing. In general, soaking is most suitable for 10 to 15 minutes.

laundry detergent put more many more good

put a lot of people think laundry detergent or washing powder, the more the more clean clothes, in fact this is a wrong idea, because when the water saturated detergent components, redundant detergent cannot be increased not only cleaning, and may not cause rinse thoroughly residual detergents.

all wash together simply

some people used to change down clothing, both garment, underwear and socks all thrown into the washing machine or bubble in the bowl, it will become more dirty clothes, and easy to cause bacterial infection.

through the clothes will have a variety of bacteria, such as lingerie, would have come off from the skin surface and discharge from the intestinal tract, urinary tract of all sorts of bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli. Exposed in the dust coat also has numerous bacteria, including some strong pathogenic bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, etc. According to statistics, every square centimeter area there are 10 to 100 microbes, which use detergent to clean, also can remove 80% of the bacteria, the hook of the bacteria also can cause cross infection. Therefore, when soaking and washing the clothes, be sure to separate washing underwear, coat.

adult laundry detergent for baby use

your baby's skin tender temperamental, and suitable for adults use detergent for baby alkaline are big, so you should choose designed for baby baby's laundry detergent to wash clothes.

clothes washing don't try so hard to dry, put will say

, according to a study in closed clothes after being washed in the washing machine for more than 1 hour to wash it again, especially in the summer so that the temperature and humidity is suitable bacteria breeding season! Therefore, clothing over half an hour after the cleaning process, please be sure to take it out to dry.
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