Summer leaves air conditioning must cover duvets - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Summer, hot, humidity is big, an adult night sweat about 100 g, so summer quilt the heaviest if can moisture absorption, breathe freely, sweat, to maintain a comfortable and dry in his sleep.

a light, soft, soft, breathable quilt is the ideal summer is, and then how to quilt can give tired body decompression can eliminate disturbance sleep again, make a hot body and mind comfortable cool to sleep?

down air conditioning is

a lot of people know duvet has good heat preservation performance, should think duvet and down jacket belongs to winter. Thicker duvets, in fact, in addition to winter there are feather air-conditioning was designed for summer, covered with soft fluffy duvets open air conditioning is not comfortable. Not only that, but there had been many duvet cover good oh!

1, light fluffy

down volume, to independent grid space guarantee duvet use long time also do not harden, deformation; Feather is one of the world's most light filling material, sleep right, lung and other organs to produce zero pressure, relax the body and mind, it is easier to enter deep sleep. “ Under the duvet beauty & throughout; Precisely illustrates the high quality of zero stress the importance of sleep for women in the world has no quilt can achieve duvet level on the light and fluffy.

2 wet absorption, air

feather unique natural structure of hollow tubes, wet absorption capability is strong, called & other; Breathing quilt & throughout; 。 During sleep, duvet will flush out the sweat out quickly, keep the bed dry, won't produce the humid feeling, help you sleep.

3, temperature resistance,

sorching summer, most of us rely on air conditioning degree of eve, but stay in air conditioning room for a long time there will be discomfort, and many people could cause a cold because of the low temperature of air conditioning room. And feather is three-dimensional spherical fiber, which contain a large number of still air, to expand with the changes of temperature and shrinkage, temperature adjustment function is produced. This let the body under the burden of no weight stretch out safely, and effectively prevent colds & other; Invasion & throughout; 。
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