Summer mouldproof nots allow to ignore to high-grade leather sofa - maintenance treatment Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
The storm bursts people worry, this is imperceptible, stuffy summer has come. A hot cold, does a tide for the leather slightly & other; Fragile & throughout; High-grade leather sofa, is undoubtedly a very big disaster.

why do you say that? That's because rainy humidity rises continuously, once the home of ventilation, easy to cause indoor high-grade leather sofa leather furniture mildew spot.

to this, we want to find out exactly how to deal with, we must first know what high-grade leather sofa to be mouldy.

it is well known, such as high-grade leather sofa leather dirt in wet conditions, entities, and the high temperature, easy to induce the mold, the mold will be on leather, mould secrete enzymes, etching the fiber of leather, light can cause fade, weight can cause grain brittle and mildew, reduce physical and mechanical properties of leather, greatly shorten the service life of high-grade leather sofa.

because of the summer rainy air is humid, wet conditions, with dirt and many conditions, the high temperature lead to high-grade leather sofa leather interior cortex water content is larger, is the culprit eventually lead to the be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy.

to this, the most effective solution is to be placed in a dry environment to keep ventilated, avoid exposure, and the surface dirt and regular cleaning, to the initiation of the mold must nipped in the bud.

of course, once appear, the mold don't panic, lighter to words you can use the leather sofa reduction repair cream to fill the injured area, worse things you can hire professional repair personnel to repair high-grade leather sofa mildew to change position.

the summer maintenance

leather sofa can add a lot of nobility, elegance for the sitting room, leather sofa is very important to maintain, if use for long time, maintain undeserved fade, old, lose luster, make leather lack of ductility and deform the sofa. Summer, hot weather, more should pay attention to the maintenance of the sofa.

in the first place, to ensure that the ventilation inside the bedroom, too dry or humidity can accelerate the ageing of leather.

second, leather sofa do not put in direct sunlight to the place, also do not put in air conditioning blows directly to the place, it can make the leather face hardens. Direct sunlight can make the leather face coloured fades.

the summer sweat more, leather can absorb sweat pore, high temperature and humidity can make sweat in the organic compounds react with leather, easy generation peculiar smell. To this, to keep dry cloth is wiped.

when brushing sofa, can't use alkaline cleaning fluid, because when the leather is acid, and alkaline can make leather softness, use for a long time will happen knit crack.

clean leather sofa, complete the following steps:

A) , with a soft cloth to wipe dust on the surface of the leather;

B) , let full to eat a meal of leather simulation oil of genuine leather soft leather care agent, so genuine leather will be the most effective care & ndash; — To make leather restore beautiful: soft, moist, plump, waterproof, mechanical strength, Such as tensile strength, tear strength, grain split strength, etc. ) Has greatly increased. In fact, this also is to feed the dermis to work, to improve its combat effectiveness and resistance. Please note: oh, do best for leather, and clean, will be more efficient. Moreover, if use the bad leather cleaner, still can make leather harden.

C) Agent, to care after natural drying ( Such as coating on the first night, the second day began to clean) Shake, leather simulation oil leather cleaner; To wipe cleaner spray on the leather surface; With such large like a toothbrush, brush brush, brush to the dirt off, please don't make the bristles bend force, otherwise we won't be able to brush the pores on the leather, pore dirt is difficult to clean. To crack, along the crack to wipe. Stiff brush won't hurt skin, please rest assured, because leather simulation oil lubrication.

D) , with a clean soft cloth to dirt collection.

E) , for more than two years is difficult to remove the heavy dirt, please use specially designed for heavy dirt and white leather leather cleaner. If the cleaning effect is not very ideal, the general is the thickness of the pore dirt, leather simulation oil penetration is poor, please brush with wool wet water wet monohydrate brush again. Epithelial is clean, then the simulated oil soft nursing care, leather not easy dirty, is dirty, it is also very easy to clean.

and difficult to draw on a ball-point pen and BiYou can valid mouldproof, so especially suitable for family with children of high-grade leather products. The above method is generally suitable method, for leather not dry, you can clean directly, because they have no harm to skin.

but not suitable USES, suede leather. All clear skin and sanded skin permeability good soft, easy to absorb dust oil is black, see water cleaning up is very troublesome, special attention should be paid to use cleaning products should be buy special cleaning and nursing of USES: suede leather products, to look at the instructions carefully and to do the test in an obvious place, cleaning method or the wrong product is easy to wash skin discoloration or to darken cortex to harden.
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