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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
In summer due to the hot weather, many family laundry frequency high, but there are a lot of laundry in the laundry daily error often ignored. Especially in the summer, due to rising temperatures, the bacteria breeding speed, laundry be doubly careful. Small make up here is sorting out the several common laundry, see if you have made such a mistake.

a, wash saved together

many consumer habits will save together washing clothes, a week is a saving for a week. , can still do so in the winter in high temperature weather, with perspiration stains clothing susceptible to bacteria and double breeding. So the hot weather of avoid by all means saving together to wash clothes.

2, washing machine not only clean up

washing machine use for a long time, easy to breed bacteria, serious still can make the user infection disease, the symptom such as skin disease of department of gynaecology. So in the process of the use of washing machine especially in hot weather, clean up the washing machine is one of the very important work.

3, soak for a long time to wash clothes

this statement is not very scientific, because clothes soaking time is too long, most of the fabric will happen hydrolysis, thus reduce the service life of clothing. In general, soaking is most suitable for 10 to 15 minutes.

4, laundry detergent put, the better the more

put a lot of people think laundry detergent or washing powder, the more the more clean clothes, in fact this is a wrong idea, because when the water saturated detergent components, redundant detergent does not increase the cleaning.

to efficient and save use detergent, must according to the laundry water and access to the appropriate component.

5, all clothes and washing

some people used to change down clothing, both garment, underwear and socks all thrown into the washing machine or bubble in the bowl, it will become more dirty clothes, and easy to cause bacterial infection.

through the clothes will have a variety of bacteria, such as lingerie, would have come off from the skin surface and discharge from the intestinal tract, urinary tract of all sorts of bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli. Exposed in the dust coat also has numerous bacteria, including some strong pathogenic bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, etc. According to statistics, every square centimeter area there are 10 to 100 microbes, which use detergent to clean, also can remove 80% of the bacteria, the hook of the bacteria also can cause cross infection. Therefore, when soaking and washing the clothes, be sure to separate washing underwear, coat.

6, detergent foam as rich as possible

the traditional concept of laundry thinks, the more bubbles decontamination ability is stronger, foaming, then wash clothes. In fact, high foam detergent rinse clean very hard, sometimes even a lot of full, bubbles are still there, not only time-consuming, water fee, and after washing clothes made hard, stimulate skin when wearing, cause itching; In addition, high foam detergent will damage the platen washing machine. Many brands are now introduced a low foam detergent, not only will not affect the detergency, and easy to rinse clean.

7, whitening agent can decontamination

many detergent products fluorescent whitening agent is added to make clothes look bright and clean after cleaning, look very white.

good fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of to absorb uv light can present to the chemical whitening dye, after it enters the body, not as easy to break down as the chemical composition of ordinary, but is combined with the protein in the body quickly, it is difficult to eduction body outside, so there is no doubt that increased liver burden, and susceptible to stimulate fluorescent agent on human skin. Some people think that after whitening not only beautiful, and clean sterile, it is all a misunderstanding.

eight, adult laundry detergent for baby use

your baby's skin tender temperamental, and suitable for adults use detergent for baby alkaline are big, so you should choose designed for baby baby's laundry detergent to wash clothes.
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