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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Because of excellent permeability, net cloth shoes hot style that can be evergreen all the year round footwear. Especially for the hot summer weather, sweating more, comfort breathable mesh cloth shoes became their first choice for travel.

but youth lively good move, activity is larger, the shoes are dirty. This can be anxious that bad mothers, fine mesh cloth fabric, if the incorrect way of washing, is likely to damage the surface, and affect the service life. So, how can net cloth shoes clean?

step one: first wet net cloth shoes

first makes two-thirds of the basin filled with water, put proper washing powder melting, and then put the net surface trainers threw it into the basin, let whole shoes wet by water, you can start cleaning.

note: don't soak with sneakers in the water surface, soak for a long time the shoes clean does easy to glue in the future.

step 2: cleaning the soles, shoes and shoe

1, the sole cleaning: use shoe brush to brush a few times of soap, and then brush soles, over and over again wash with water. And small stones and other inlaid them under the soles of the dirt, can use a toothpick to pick clean!

2, then with old fur tooth brush to brush the soap, brush net surface, also can brush ( Be sure to tear open come down to his shoe LACES) before washing shoes , brush clean can slowly, and shoes with soap and he have to do is rub.

3, rinsed repeatedly mesh cloth shoes 2 times or so, until the detergent can be rinsed off.

step three: dumped water

the net cloth shoes first sponge anywhere there are a lot of water with fingers out first, and then seize the soles, force row half a circle, until can't throw such shoes at least fifty percent dry surface oh ~ greatly shorten the drying time.

step four: dry

net cloth shoes clean after, can never put it under the sun insolates, so it is easy to turn yellow, and the sole will harden. You can use your shoes in the sports shoes perforation, casual wear a few times, and then tied to the triangle clothes rack, hanging a balance, hang dry it in ventilated place.


1, do not immerse between net cloth shoes for a long time, so it is easy to degumming, scrub directly after soaking.

2, must choose when dry ventilated place, otherwise may not dry moisture not only, also can produce mildew flavour, and not in the sun to dry.

3, when cleaning mesh cloth shoes, detergent should choose neutral detergent, toothpaste, Toothpaste to neutral) Or neutral soap.

4, white sneakers, surface can be coated on the white vamp toilet paper to dry, so it is not easy to become yellow, try the best.

the correct maintenance and cleaning, in order to improve the service life of net cloth shoes, let teenagers enjoy comfortable shoes to enjoy, feelings. Learn the correct cleaning method, shoes dirty again also not afraid!
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