Super concentrated laundry tablets decontamination effect - how about selling point in Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Super concentrated laundry decontamination effect how where is the selling point. Super concentrated laundry tablets can wash baby clothes? Completely no problem, I just bought home laundry, decontamination effect is good, still have light faint scent, baby's special laundry tablets, specially designed for baby mild and weak acid formula, the PH value is closer to the baby skin after washing, for baby's skin to form a natural protective barrier against bacteria invasion, improve immune system of the baby.

in view of the present China's detergent market competition increasingly saturated, but the laundry market is a blank that, many companies launched a timely & other; Accurate washing & throughout; New concept, but also launch & other; Concentrated laundry sheet & throughout; The washing of new products. Studies have shown that laundry detergent containing fluorescent whitening agent, it has very strong adsorption, if long clothes and skin absorption, risk ah, don't doubt the truth of it. The harm of fluorescent whitening agent is not instantaneous, it is not a poison around, with will immediately after the attack, it is like chronic poison around, every bit of penetration, contact for a long time, may cause a lot of disease c. As now there are a lot of disease is unable to use c language to explain, but who can assert that induce these disease c, and what do you usually has nothing to do with washing products, so be careful choice of washing products.

the potential about 300 billion yuan a year in China washing market demand, currently on the market Zui common washing powder and detergent, generally contain fluorescent whitening agent, proteolytic enzyme, 3 get together the composition such as Lin acid sodium, the fluorescent whitening agent hazards Zui. It is not hard to see in the future in the market for washing, washing powder, laundry detergent and other traditional washing products will gradually lose competitiveness, lose their living space. “ Fluorescent agent just referred to, there are dozens of types, in fact not so terrorist! ” Ling teacher tells a reporter, yunnan university institute of chemical fluorescent agent is closely related to our life, ordinary life can meet the laundry detergent, such as printing paper are used. “ But about the harm of human body it is still not determined, no poison rational experimental data prove that it will send ah. ”

how super concentrated laundry sheet market, laundry using nanotechnology, super concentrated technology, has more than the same amount of ordinary laundry products of clean power. And will immediately dissolve in the hot and cold water, it does not contain Lin, biodegradable, almost no pollution to the environment, is an environmental protection product, good product can stand the test of time, I feel laundry piece of a piece of good. The cleaning capacity is amazing
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