Sweater collar how to avoid being up? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Believe that make friend with the washing machine wash clothes, the most headache is catharsis sweater, because the sweater material determines the clothes and fabrics are very delicate, washing is bad is not dehydration, clothes is tight. Today will introduce you to some clothes washing skills, hope to help you.

sweater collar and cuffs are easy to be up

can 1 from the cuff. 5 cm, with a solid acrylic seam and slightly taut points. After drying use steam iron ironed. Immediately after recovery. Collarband, if not very loose, can simply circled on the neckline on a rubber band, a fixed role, is very effective.

clothes intertwined, wash not to clean and easy to generate a large number of buckling

if it is a shirt, put the front button first, then put the buttons on the cuff button respectively to the front part 2, the above three button, can effectively reduce buckling.

if it is a cotton sweater, please put clothes sleeve clothes, washing time easy, can effectively reduce buckling.

if it is pants, first, put the two legs around on a rubber band, tied together, and can effectively reduce the winding and buckling.

white cotton jerseys easily with black small maomao

in the old cotton sweater coat, cut off the sleeves, sew a big bag can be used repeatedly. White clothes, rubber seal. Because cotton jersey fabric, guarantee not appear black fur.
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