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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Enter the autumn, while the temperature was not decreased, but the mall is already selling the fall clothing, knit unlined upper garment is one of the autumn joker sheet is tasted, nature is little not it, male, female sweaters, knitted garments emerge in endlessly, small make up in advance to introduce you to knit washing and maintenance process, is the escort of your knitting clothing.

sweater introduction

sweater is made of how? Sweater is the different raw materials and yarn knits with knitting needle into a coil, then through string set of connection into a knitted fabric craft products. The texture is soft, good wrinkle resistance and permeability.

sweaters washing method

1. Sweater before cleaning, should carry on the dust removal process, shoot to or shake off the clothes wear caused by dust.

2. Will be 10 - sweater soaked to the cold water After 20 minutes, drain water use neutral detergent to gently rub washing, rinse again.

3. Such as long time wearing, knit color is not bright, drip into the white vinegar in the water for washing. ( This method can keep the yarn colour and lustre and flexibility, good for preventive knit deformation) 。

4. Crowded, rinse, dry it out.

knit the maintenance method of

1. Sweater is easy to deformation, avoid by all means pulling on to prevent deformation of clothing.

2. Drying way should choose tile way to dry.

3. Avoid sun exposure, due to undermine its clothing luster after exposure.

4. The cold water wash, do not machine wash.

5. As far as possible avoid washing machine dehydration process, textile and garment deformation, bigger.

6. Less to knit local ball position, can use finger to pull or use scissors, with clothes brush hair brush. On the ball more, larger area can be split to knit in first flat desktop, according to the fabric stitch with the brush gently brush the dust off and straightening taut, vertical electric suction gently with dedicated to ball tool, beads, shaving brush to flush, such as conditional reoccupy steam iron ironed, immediately clean as new, not damage the sweater.

7. If can't lay flat to dry, can put a net in order.
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