Sweater will become man? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
STEP 1: soak into the white vinegar with cold water

suggest buy new clothes again after bubble water is required to wear better. If you buy the sweater back will find people, so suggest to prepare white vinegar with cold water. Because the fiber white vinegar can help soften the sweater, and prevention of short fiber to yi. First prepare a pot of cold water, and pour into a little white vinegar, soak your sweater in turn again in white vinegar in the water, let the sweater soaked white vinegar water after you can bring it up to dry.

STEP 2: hair conditioner daub stay thirty minutes

then use hair conditioner rub a little sweater, if the strength is too large, the fiber, easy to destroy sweater technique should be soft. Then just let hair conditioner on the sweater in about 30 minutes, will be remaining hair conditioner rinse with cold water, and the water after dry on the sweater, the sweater in the shop on a towel dry again.

STEP 3: in the fridge frozen

the last as long as you wait for sweater dried, then put it folded folder chain bag, and in the freezer for a night, take out the next day after wait for refund after ice can wear sweaters. Because the problem of and can improve the sweater bristly. As a result, whether material or material poor sweater, to be able to improve this problem, hurry to try it!
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