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The future is bright | Shanghai International Toiletries & Care Products Expo ends successfully

The future is bright | Shanghai International Toiletries & Care Products Expo ends successfully


On 06 August, the three-day Shanghai International Toiletries Exhibition came to a perfect end. With the popularity of advanced consumer demand, the matter of "care" began to gradually become popular, the care industry is in urgent need of a truly meaningful change, the care industry economy ushered in a new spring, the major exhibitions have also become an important activity that the industry is looking forward to. In this year's PCE in Shanghai, all the major cleaning enterprises and cleaning people went there to start this audio-visual feast of the cleaning industry.

Cure life's fatigue with fragrance

We are committed to empowering fragrance through scientific research and development, highlighting brand differentiation. The code of Essence Bright is to capture the pursuit of exquisite life of "Generation Z" consumers, and solve their pain points in daily life scenarios with two big moves: quality and experience. Elite Bright cooperates with natural and high-quality raw material manufacturers, starting from the natural ingredients and environmental performance of fragrant toiletries, adding microcapsule technology into laundry gel, integrating fragrance into toiletries, improving the durability of the fragrance and comfort of the products, thus improving the quality and recognition of the products, cultivating consumers' loyalty to the products, and further enhancing the competitive advantage of the products' differentiation.

Stage 1: Market introduction period When laundry gel beads first entered the market, consumers were not familiar with them. Various brands start to launch their own laundry gel products and introduce the advantages and usage of the products through advertisements and publicity. At this stage, consumer awareness of laundry gel beads is low and the market share is relatively small. 

Stage 2: Brand Competition Period As consumer awareness of laundry gels gradually increased, more competing brands began to appear in the market. These brands attract consumers by offering more categories and different functions, such as increasing the variety of laundry gels, such as deep cleansing, stain removal and softening. Brand competition is beginning to emerge and consumers are starting to have more choices.

Stage 3: Price War Period As the laundry gel market expands and competition intensifies, price competition between brands gradually escalates. Brands scramble the price of laundry gel to attract consumers to choose their own products. Low-price promotions and discount campaigns became common means, and the price war between brands gradually turned white-hot. 

Stage 4: Quality Competition Period The price war makes consumers have higher expectations for the quality of laundry gel. At this time, brands began to emphasise the quality and technological content of their products, and continuously launched more efficient, environmentally friendly and safer laundry gel products. Quality competition became the new focus of the market, and consumers began to pay more attention to the formulation, washing effect and clothing protection ability of laundry gel.

Stage 5: Innovation Competition At the stage when the laundry gel market is gradually saturated, brands start to seek innovation among themselves in order to stand out. Innovation is not only in terms of product functionality, but also in terms of packaging design, user experience, and marketing approach. For example, launching smaller dosages of laundry gels, increasing fragrance options, and co-branding collaborations. Innovation has become the key to brand competition and a powerful tool to attract consumers.

As a leading enterprise in China and a speciality enterprise, Jingliang sells well in 156 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Japan, Singapore, etc. Every year, we will update and iterate our products according to the needs of customers and the market, and combine with the trend of the industry. This time, the series exhibited by Jingliang Daily Chemical in PCE Shanghai include Yuanqi Girls Series, Green Natural Series, Blue Sports Series, Family Wash Series, Overseas Production Series, and Clothes Care and Fragrance Series, etc. Innovation is not only reflected in the products, but also in the brand image and packaging design. The new and unique brand image and packaging design of Jingliang Daily Chemical were displayed at the exhibition, attracting consumers' attention and interest through visual and tactile innovations.

In these three days, Anna bright day chemical harvest full return, victory triumph! Through the zero-distance contact with the customers, let the customers deeply feel the unique charm of Jingliang Daily Chemical, brand awareness has been widely spread in the Fair.

We look forward to sharing the power of cleanliness with you!

Choose the green laundry gel

Let laundry become a pleasant enjoyment

Let's step into the new era of laundry together!

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