Ugg boots not converge color - how to wash Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
A, the origin of the ugg boots:

about the origin of ugg boots have a romantic love story: the first world war, Australia's the pilot's feet in the air often suffer from cold. A pilot lover was put two sheep, and made a shoe covers, set on foot to keep warm from the cold. Due to the heat preservation effect is good, other pilots have imitated.

later, continuous improvement into the pilot's war boots, also is the original version of modern ugg boots. The story of true and false impossible, anyway, the story of things, is a thing of the past, a thing of the past may be true, perhaps is false, it's important that we have a round head round brain, both warm and comfortable ugg boots.

2, the characteristics of the ugg boots:

made of real leather boots was deeply loved by the masses of young girls, is another cartoon cute on my feet warm and comfortable.

1, good air permeability, even if you don't wear socks, also won't because of the feet sweat produce uncomfortable feeling.

2, good cold resistance, even the cold in the north, also can let a person feel warm.

3, good softness and flexibility: to meet the needs of the human body, dress casual and comfortable.

3, ugg boots maintenance:

1, drops into the shoes of oily be soiled should to professional care store cleaning as soon as possible. Oil stains left in a long time, on the surface of the leather shoes can produce mildew, oxidation and to the point of impact wear beautiful and service life.

2, can't use washing powder, detergent alkaline detergent to clean.

3, ugg boots in the wet state cannot insolate in the sun.

4, cannot use maintain oil and detailer nursing shoe.

5, will shoes when stored in clean, flat on ventilated place.

6, don't put the shoes on the stored in plastic bags, non-woven bag dust.

7, in the shoes do not put mothballs, desiccant.

4, ugg boots wash protect:

wash protect frequently encountered problems of ugg boots is the so-called poly color accident after washing. River's lake rumours, poly color is due to too much water when they are washed, so many people careful when revenge to boot, dare not let ugg boots too wet, afraid of poly color after washing. But this kind of washing method, clustering color may not produce, but always can't wash clean, the customer is not satisfied. Then clean the ugg boots price is not higher, or even refuse to accept the goods. It is better to not to wash, wash out of the accident loss.

in fact, the cause of color ugg boots and washing water, how many don't have much relationship. Indeed, for many hue spell spell ugg boots, or a variety of material phase when catharsis water tends to spread and more color, a color or series of accidents. For the single color, especially the color of the suede with ugg boots, the color of the shoes maomao, water scrubbing is no problem, won't produce poly color accident.

color clustering color production accidents common cause:

strong detergent alkaline.

not completely dehydration after washing.

after washing dry too fast.

scrub or scrub when humidity is not uniform.

how washing ugg boots can not get color?

first of all, choose weak acidic or neutral detergent washing, because if the alkali detergent is strong, no matter how to wash, have together may of color.

cleaning process is as follows:

1, wash before treatment: a former treatment + a + 5 copies of warm water to oil king, spray to the oily be soiled stay 10 minutes

2, washing: suede class ugg boots the effect of using washing machine to clean shoes are better. If using manual scrub with a former treatment + a + oil king two leather cleaner + two softener, whole is soaking wet, their shoes and then use the pig hair brush inside whole scrub.

3, dehydration: use semi-automatic washing machine dehydration 30 seconds

4, soft, color: a litre to add 5 ml of softening agent, the dehydration after soaking shoes 5 minutes

5, dehydration: 2 minutes

6, dry: air-dried. Not the sun or on the floor heating and radiator rapid drying.
ugg boots after washing after raising, most don't need to color, can achieve ideal effect. If feel some light, color can use softener or color thin spray a recovery agent, after the order is ok.
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