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by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
White shoes dirty? Beautiful and delicate white shoes has always been a lot of girls all like wearing style, but white leather shoes are one of the most fatal weakness: very easy to become dirty. Sometimes for a long time not to wear yellow. But how to remove the stain, how to maintain their own white leather shoes? Want to know and see it together!

clean white leather shoes is very simple, actually don't need to go out to buy a white shoe polish, only need daily hand cream. Will hand cream into shoes dirty place, wipe with tissue or cloth. Buy shoes many sellers in the store is so clean, good oh!

this method in emergency or common use is very convenient, most girls would take hand cream is put inside the bag, found that white shoes dirty, can immediately clean, white leather bags can also be used! First used wet dishcloth, for external cleaning white leather shoes. With strong decontamination toothpaste, extrusion, wipe with fuzz toothbrush to leather shoes.

so yellow parts can become white again. Still can use once a white shoe polish, cover on it. Again with a soft cloth to wipe, also can make the shoes if brightness is new.

both yellow and dirty actually the most important still is the usual maintenance, as long as the usual maintenance good can avoid the trouble of above. Often keep white leather shoes in a dry environment, avoid by all means in the wear in the rain and snow.

in case of rain, snow, use dry cloth to wipe out immediately and shoe polish, put in dry and dry in the shade. Often the white leather shoes clean oil. Clean oil, can add a drop or two of vinegar in the shoe polish, can make the shoes shine bright. Clean oil, after 5 minutes, then with the brush will play on vamp. If coated with a layer of milk, can make the shoes more durable.

white leather shoes of avoid by all means sun, fire, in case of crisp, dry or contraction. Don't for a long time not to wear, white leather shoes in case of leather surface aging. If already hardened leather, can put some chicken oil, butter to moisten. Clean white leather shoes, put some toothpaste or drop a few drops of vinegar, and shoe polish wipes, at the same time can increase the brightness of leather.

white shoes mildew to change, should be timely to mildew, shoe polish. During the shoes do not wear, should be put in ventilated, dry place. If infected with dirt, wash with water or soap and with limewater daub of avoid by all means, so that local yellow leather surface. Should wipe with wet cloth, and is used to dry cloth, then rub some white shoe powder, finally beat light with white shoe polish brush.
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