Understanding of aniline leather - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Aniline leather and full grain leather, made of leather hides from tannery has chosen in fine leather ( No disability, grain surface uniform) , by using metal complexing dye water or a small amount of color paste is made from transparent resin with light coating and leather, the maximum to retain the original natural decorative pattern animal skins, leather is very soft, plump, permeability is good, bright color, pure wear comfortable and beautiful, a striking feature of aniline leather is in the black water. This leather most painted light color fastens, imported by the majority of aniline leather, garment leather is expensive.

with aniline leather is very expensive and natural, therefore, when maintenance, please note that all avoid damp and touch scraping, prevent water or corrosive chemical contamination. Regular use some leather protectant can very good maintenance of leather.

in addition, the aniline leather feature in oil in water color, color automatic recovery when dry, don't it begins to rain. Aniline leather is under the influence of water color darker, or black. This is a very good judge whether aniline leather one of the methods.

daily nursing experience of aniline leather is introduced:

1, clean with aniline leather cleaner, attention should be paid to cleaning uniform

2, after working with aniline nourishing cream care, pay attention to cannot use shoe polish to do care

3, after dry can be waterproof, use water-based waterproof protective agent
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