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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Underwear is our daily life is most close to the clothing, underwear is comfortable and clean largely affect our health directly, for replacement washing underwear every day, how can we correct washing, how to wash to wash clean! Along with the below small make up take a look at the washing underwear which aspects need to pay attention to.

1, detergent/detergent do not directly touch on the underwear: detergent/agent used with fluorescent bleaching will cause uneven color, the phenomenon such as fading or discoloration, should first lotion dissolve in water, and then put underwear in. In addition, the use of bleach can make the quality of the underwear mildewed and discoloration, should avoid to use. Silk underwear washing

2, as far as possible in the shortest time washing, washing machine washing, 3 minutes is enough, for a long time washing easy to cause the underwear discoloration or staining.

3, silk underwear washing method: silk clothes while gently shine, but easy to fold, shrinkage and damaged by sunlight, therefore, appropriate USES neutral detergent, and washed by hand, then use towel blot moisture, dry flat.

4, dark and white or light color underwear must separate washing: when the machine wash, have to separate white and light color underwear. Should be washed by hand from shallow to deep cleaning, such as clean white, then just wash light, finally wash dark. Second, it should be less dirt clean underwear, wash dirt more underwear place finally.

5, must pull zipper parts: attached zipper of beam body, must pull zipper, when cleaning activity chest straps class ( Can be for the use of a strapless bust) Better to remove activities straps, wash separately.

6, soft loop and zipper underwear must hand wash, such as excessive force when washed by hand in, also easy to make clothes out of shape, it is best to use & quot; Pressure washing method & quot; And & quot; The rubbing method & quot; Washing.

7, into the laundry the underwear of the network is limited to half: due to the general underwear to adopt more soft and delicate material, so in the laundry according to label instructions, into the laundry in the washing, but must pay attention to the underwear of the net, must be limited to half the laundry net.

8, should be used separately at least 2 laundry net: the purpose is to attach metal or soft clothing, and the lack of clothing separately into the soft circle, so as not to damage the other clothes. In case of the deformation of soft ring, carefully with the hand rub back to its original shape, not too urgent to make an effort to make it back to original state, the point is to make it slowly restore original shape.

9, machine wash ( Dry the clothes) 30 seconds: underwear is put in the original laundry drying ( Dehydration) Again with dry towel, squash with the hand, make water is absorbed by towel. As easy as with both hands twisted into water directly, crease and make underwear material damage.
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