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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Laundry tablets with water soluble, hand washing machine wash. Hand washing, water + add right amount + laundry tablets dissolved into the clothes soaked works best in half an hour. Laundry a laundry pills can wash 3 - 4 kg of clothes, if only a few clothes, can cut the laundry tablets into bits. Machine wash or hand wash, such as cuffs, neckline easily dirty place. Wash before tore a piece of laundry in a dirty place rub, rub after can start washing bubble or throw the washing machine.

in case of stubborn stains, but will slightly wet clothing, reoccupy laundry to soak for half an hour. Soy sauce, blood ( Use cold water) , fruit stains, red wine, crayons, hair dye. Such as oil stains can be washed off ( Refer to the following processing of all kinds of stain tips)

【 Semi-automatic washing machine 】 Can put the laundry water injection first, laundry tablets dissolve before you put the dirty clothes into the washing machine work is ok!

【 Fully automatic washing machine 】 To the laundry in the washing product tank, also can with the clothes into the washing machine.

【 Laundry tablets in other processing of all kinds of stain tips 】

red wine stains:

can use white wine or alcohol rub first first, reoccupy laundry cleaning.

hongyao tablets with particular:

can use white vinegar to wash first, with clean water, then wash clean.


can use alcohol to add a few drops of water, Or use the sorghum wine can also) , where is stained with plaster stains rub, plaster to net, then rinse.

grass stains:

you need to prepare 100 grams of salt, you also need to prepare 1000 grams of water. Pour the water container, together with the hand, will be stained with grass stains clothes add basin, in the salt water soak for 10 minutes and then clean, then you will find that easily can wash stubborn grass stains away


take fresh lemon, can squeeze the juice drip on the rust stains with the hand rub, repeatedly, until the rust stains removed, washed with laundry sheet again.

lipstick mark:

brush gently first with a small brush dipped in gasoline, to clean oil, reoccupy laundry washed; If there is no gas bubble water or wine can also be used with soda water, pour on the clean cloth to dab there is mark, and then clean with washing tablets.


should be flush with hot water or hot water, then rub with laundry tablets dissolved water, then use clean water, clean. Don't wash in cold water, because it can make the color fiber, it is difficult to wash again.

the chewing gum:

( 1) Stick to the gum, can use cotton dipped in vinegar, can send the gum easily cleaned off.

( 2) About the chewing gum on the gum, can use a knife to scrape, first take egg qing dynasty put on the site to make it loose, wipe them one by one, the last in the laundry tablets dissolved in water to clean, rinse it.

( 3) Can also make clothes wrapped in plastic bags, put in the refrigerator frozen for half a day, such as chewing gum on the clothes out and hardened gently knead, gum off soon, and have no trace.

coffee stains, rub with hot water or soak, with strong brine with laundry tablets.
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