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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
USES are common in our daily life in contact with the material, USES made of leather, leather shoes, bags, sofa cushion, etc. , are very comfortable to use. But USES: how to clean?

USES how wash care?

1. Such clothes when cleaning the most notable problem, is to prevent the leather skin defatted harden, followed by the garment after washing dry, reduce the deformation of the clothes as soon as possible.

2. To avoid the above problems, the general family manual cleaning, should choose neutral washing materials ( Such as silk net) 。 In order to prevent the leather discoloration, deformation, fold, using low temperature washing, with a soft brush brush, do not knead, twist wring. Rinse myself here, the hands gripping the clothes shoulders, and carry rinse. Last rinse myself here, the water add a few drops of white vinegar, with residual detergents and pedal.

3. To avoid appear fold deformation, drowned fur don't dehydration processing after rinsing, and use clean dry towel dry brush to absorb moisture. Also can use bath towel wrap leather coat and roll up after dehydration.

4. Leather before drying, best leather tile first on clean dry towel. Drying moisture volatilizes basic, the other side. When the fur is still working in the tide, with the hand pull out each part of the flat, and the appropriate friction, massage, to eliminate possible folds. Thoroughly dried leather, need soft brush gently brush leather, in order to make leather more neat and organized.
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