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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
In qiu dong season, sweater is indispensable sheet is tasted love beautiful girls. Sweater varieties diverse, can meet the demand of dear friends love beautiful, have very good heat preservation function, based on these characteristics that make each of us will have so of seven or eight in the wardrobe. New-developped

wash industry association expert committee, in winter, sweater if wear every day, had better be cleaned once a week for two weeks. If change in two days, don't have to wash it too often, lest affect warmth retention property. To keep the sweater the original version, with the nature of the sweater fiber cleaning, also note detergent and water temperature.

to make sweater, especially wool sweater lasting beautiful dear friends pay attention to maintenance is required. Here are some small sweater maintenance of common sense, the dear friends hope to favorite sweater has certain help!

sweater daily care

1, don't wear when it is important to note that empty clothes pocket, or you will result in bulging clothes or drooping, lead to deformation.

2, a day to wear down the best clothes brush brush surface of clothes, brush away dust on the surface of the clothing, or the dust for a long time will become a stain, create difficult cleaning condition.

3, clothes hung: be sure to choose the right clothes hangers to wool clothes hanging in a cool, ventilated place, hung for a while, let it to remove the wrinkles. Pure wool and wool blended hang up clothes in the bathroom with moisture for a period of time or overnight, wrinkles will disappear without a trace.

4, identify tags: read carefully on the clothes washing mark, the wool composition in clothing, washing and maintenance method is different, some suitable for hand washing, some suitable for dry cleaning.

5, dry: if clothes wet to dry immediately, but not baked on the flame, heater, don't be in the hot sun, uncharted don't dry.

6, make wool breathing: let the wool for 24 hours before the next wearing, two consecutive days, try to avoid wearing the same clothes. This would give wool fiber enough time to restore its natural elasticity.

7, dry cleaning on a regular basis: high-grade wool, cashmere, sheep wool and other natural animal fiber fabric made of clothing dry cleaning regularly, can maintain its good appearance for a long time. Care properly, the wool will give you good returns. Care, it only takes a few minutes a week long clothing will keep good appearance.

8, after go out to hang the clothes with hangers, set on a dustproof bag, dry in ventilated place shade, collect, preserve, in bag suitcase stay dry. Pay special attention to high-grade animal fiber fabrics, mothproof, mildew proof, so be sure to add put desiccant, pest control.

sweater washing method

pure wool yarn used in dyeing is big and small amounts of reactive dyes, acid dyes acid dye color bright, beautiful, but not so good fastness, reactive dye fastness, though better than acid dyes, but still have individual color of the dye fastness is not ideal. When washing woollen yarn and sweater three don't:

1, avoid alkaline detergent. Only with a neutral and acid washing supplies, should not be alkaline washing supplies, because wool and wool dyeing will be destroyed by alkaline used in dye.

2, avoid the water temperature is too high. 30 - to use 40 degrees of warm water, the water temperature should not be too high.

3, avoid is forcibly knead. Forcibly knead, can make the yarn and rub off. Except after anti-sticking further processing of pure wool sweater and machine washable, general pure wool sweater and washing should follow the following steps:

A, such as sweater without serious smudgy, put neutral detergent in warm water of 30 degrees, after fully dissolved, then press with your hand lightly in the sweater in A pot of water to wash;

B, such as sweater smudgy serious when, pure wool sweaters first soaked in 30 degrees 15 - in neutral detergent solution 30 minutes, reoccupy hand wash gently pressure;

C, after the wash with warm water rinse 2-40 degrees 3 times;

D, finally put a small amount of vinegar or wool in water softener, soak 10 - sweaters 20 minutes;

E, put the sweater on the inclined put boards, with handle gently pressing to the water;

F, will open the pure wool sweaters. After finishing appearance on the flat to dry, not in the sun.
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