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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
In winter, with collars clothes are very common, because collars can not only keep out the cold warm, also can let the whole dress looks more noble atmosphere. But collars are very delicate, overheating too cold water will cause harm to the collars, wash not easy to deformation of coarse, how to wash clothes collars? Wash with a fur collar clothes have a lot of exquisite, wash good maomao is not being not neat feeling to the person, small make up to several Suggestions, tell you how to wash clothes collars, hope I can help you.

notice at ordinary times pat put clothes collars:

in the general case is not often clean, if often clean, for the hair itself is a kind of hurt, so less as far as possible to wash, can gently taps a fur collar, at ordinary times put some dust off, keep clean, the other collars in at the same time, pay attention to the hair straighten out. If the contamination by hand gently knead in warm water can, after first try the water temperature is not too hot, removed and collars must be washed separately, don't twist dry after washing or dry washing machine. Specific clothes collars do the detailed as follows.

washed clothes collars:

if clothes collars are pollution, such as oil, perfume, wash clothes collars? Can local clean, wipe with a dry towel dry, then can dip in with towel wipe some warm water, then dry it. If it is off-season, needs to be saved, or is too dirty, wash clothes collars? If water does not need to use washing powder, enzymatic detergent detergency strong, it is best not to clean with the rabbit fur clothing, lest shortened the service life of clothing. Can use fabric softeners rinse, gently in the 30 - by hand Knead in 40 degrees of warm water.

after wash, dry also has a lot of exquisite, hang clothes collars when should pay attention to in ventilated place, or carry up to drip dry naturally, do not twist dry or washing machine to dry, will damage the hair, also cannot be placed in direct sunlight exposure, if you are using dry hair dryer, pay attention to the heat source don't straight to collars, after can be covered with a layer of cloth, again blow, so as not to damage the hairs. And after washing clothes collars had better not ironed, so as to avoid deformation.

of course, the most simple and quick way of how to wash clothes collars is sent directly to wash leather care shop, removes all the steps above, but the clothes collars before send to wash, to check the labels on clothes.
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