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by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
Down jacket cleaning to avoid the five pitfalls

myth: dry cleaning

90% of the down jacket is not suitable for dry cleaning, dry cleaning process used in the protein of the potion will greatly damage down, reduce the heat preservation performance of down jacket, aging and drying process is easy to make cloth.

erroneous zone 2: using alkaline detergent washing

laundry soap or washing powder, the basic content of the can make the feather degreasing and become brittle damage. Currently on the market already has a lot of down jacket is special detergent for sale, you'd better use of such professional cleaning agent.

myth 3: forcibly knead

with a small brush doesn't break down. Hand wash down jacket, don't rub hard, in case of tie down. When catharsis can use small soft hair brush scrub, quite dirty place can brush a few times more.

myth: pressing

down the surface of the fabric is not can use the high temperature of an iron, even the steam iron iron also can not. Accurate method is to spread as far as possible dry after washed by hand, or remove new coats hanging reduce natural fold.

mistake 5: twist dry

wash down jacket, cannot twist dry, should be the moisture extrusion, and tile or hang to dry, prohibit exposure. After dry, can gently, make down jacket fluffy soft recovery.
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