Wash protect - nubuck suede leather Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Nubuck suede leather is really classy leather in the leather, the price is more expensive, but because of excellent permeability of nubuck suede leather, feel is good, natural, personalized strong expressiveness, often is the first choice for high-grade leather production, especially for women nubuck leather suede leather application is very common. But also because of nubuck suede leather seen black water features, especially in light of nubuck suede leather is pretty hard to do.

so nubuck suede leather care to solve the problem of one of the most common are:

A. All kinds of life besmirch pretreatment techniques ( To oil to color to special besmirch)

local scrub, washed, brush with a round head, does not recommend using washing machine.

B. Recovery processing of all kinds of bruises scraping the broken hair hair removal techniques.

1. Mouldy hair removal, Leather fiber between life and death, MAO couldn't up)

2. Mechanical force wool ( Playing up)

3. Quick glue stick on wool ( Leather fibre hardening, MAO could not play)

raising methods and tools of

linter with fine sand, uniform speed along a direction if the hair is longer, with a little coarse sand paper along the direction of a force color sand. Still have a kind of raising machine, are commonly used, but not very good use, it is not recommended.

C. All kinds of mould processing skills

mould various color is born, is living out in the skin of bacteria fungi, and bacteria lurk, kill a half months after with the fungicide repeats hyperplasia.

prevent mildew & ndash; — Add: in every cleaning to mildew agent

has mildew - - Kill mildew agent ( Key to the latent pathogens also kill, is truly effective)

daily strain mildew dispute:

1. Strengthen the identification ability of the mould at the front desk

2. Used to add to mildew agent in the wash protect

3. On the leather has mildew wash protect cancer treatment. Super bright light color of nubuck leather around use darker color difference is obvious.

colorful reasons: metal complexing dye water brilliance is higher and higher, colored powder is more and more rare to nanoscale, but its resistance variation of Yin and Yang will occur.

E. Customers themselves all kinds of accidents caused by improper use or improper maintenance, need to save, Such as: nubuck suede leather shoe polish, nubuck suede leather on the spraying layer of the resin soak lead to improper besmirch valgus, hardening of the surface of Yin and Yang, improper cleaning)

F. All kinds of dry cleaner to wash shoe store counterparts of accident rescue cases (as a result of improper operation Such as: Yin and Yang are caused by improper cleaning harden surface color black shrinkage deformation, improper Richard wool ball and so on lead to hair removal, the more is a variant of the nubuck suede leather process not familiar with in nursing process error of ugg boots is the most prominent wash protect each store in the accident but also emerge in endlessly. )

the above classified only for genuine leather.
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