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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
With girlfriends go shopping, she wanted to buy a few pieces of close-fitting clothes for the baby, I go to for your reference. Before ambry face variety of infant clothing, girlfriends opened the box, said the baby's close-fitting clothes must be pure cotton, breathable, and what brand is best, which color and which color could make the baby skin allergy, etc. , and logically.

but when it comes to how to clean your baby's clothes, but exposes the present many mother's careless, & other; Baby clothes, is not in the washing machine mixing, close-fitting hand wash? ” A lot of mother is busy with work and family, but neglect the baby health the first line of defense. Knowing your baby's skin is delicate, the wrong way of cleaning clothes, light led to the baby skin allergies, serious word may induce respiratory infections, asthma and other diseases, mother must not be careless.

a, with the baby special detergent cleaning

baby generally close-fitting clothes sweating, vomiting milk, eating food residue left, etc. Mother in cleaning your baby's clothes must be used when the baby special laundry detergent, because the baby's skin is delicate, detergent alkaline stronger on market, can stimulate baby's skin. Mother want to choose the product is specially developed for baby mild laundry detergent, no stimulation, easy to clean, no residue, care for the baby health!

2, first clean your baby's new dress

buy new clothes, chemical, microbial composition is more, some even contain formaldehyde and other harmful organizations, baby clothes, is no exception. Even to stores to buy designer clothes, but also not the closet, contains a lot of clothes surface dust, baby's delicate skin if contact with these harmful organization for long time, will cause the baby to sweat, throat stabbing pain, skin redness and swelling, etc. , so the mother must first clean your baby's new clothes.

3, the baby's clothes to separate cleaning

many careless mother put the baby's clothes and their mixed together, time is saved, but it was infected with the bacteria, the baby has been sick. This is absolutely not, because the baby's skin quality layer table is thin, weak resistance, and adult life range is wide, and baby clothes of washing, infected with some bacteria can cause baby, easy to make your baby ill.

another baby clothes are more or less contain fluorescent agent, this is actually a kind of water-soluble whitening agent, mother wash hand washing with water several times can easily!
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