Wash the deformation - sweater Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
In general, sweater can use washing machine, but must pay attention to the method.

note: suggest check the sweaters washing label, it will indicate the cleaning method and cleaning can prevent most according to the requirement of the wash label damaged sweater.

the washing machine to clean sweater notice:

( 1) If you want to use the washing machine wash sweater, you must put a sweater in laundry bags for cleaning, this can prevent deformation of sweater.

( 2) Kind of special-purpose detergent with wool washing products, or neutral detergent, supermarket sale. If not, you can also use shampoo, do not use soap or alkali washing products, can make the sweater shrink. There is a way to prevent sweater shrink solution, the supermarket has sell, can join when washing.

( 3) Clean with washing machine sweater wants to sweater special file, or soft cleaning mode.

( 4) When can be in the final rinse injection, soft agent, make a sweater more smooth.

unless special circumstances, the general or suggest that hand washing sweaters, gently press washing the sweater of minimum damage. If the sweater is expensive, such as cashmere sweater, more advice at the dry cleaner.

sweater can use washing machine dehydration?

in general, sweater can use washing machine to dry, but must pay attention to the method.

( 1) Sweater use washing machine to dry, it is best to laundry bags or other items to bundle sweater is good, again to undertake dehydration, or it will deform the sweater.

( 2) Sweater dehydration time cannot too long, a minute or so.

( 3) Shall immediately take out the sweater after dehydration, stretch to make it recover, and then to flat out to dry.

drying works to 8 minutes, use two or more hangers to normal hang dry. If there is a slight shrink or deformation, may be appropriately ironing, stretching to restore its original size.

how sweater washed deformation

1, the choice of detergent

only with a neutral and acid washing supplies, never using alkaline washing supplies, because sweater dyeing dyes are used in the alkaline damage.

if you don't know what kind of detergent, so don't want to use with home or expiring of shampoo is very good.

2, water temperature control

water temperature can't is too high, 30 - More appropriate 40 degrees of warm water.

3, washed by hand and machine wash note

if washed by hand, remember do not forcibly knead. Forcibly knead, can make the yarn stick and spin, MAO also easy off.

if machine wash, wash when you put it in the laundry bag in the washing machine, it can reduce because the rotation of the spin wool washing machine.

4, after washing, drying,

do not force twist dry after washed by hand, you can put it inclined board or on a washboard water pressure with hands dry;

can also be installed in the laundry bag in the washing machine to dry, can also be hung in the laundry bag, cover your sweater to push into it, so to prevent bigger.

the sun with a shoulder bag hangers hanging up, clothes not easy deformation, dry fast also, had better be put in blue clothes drying out a.
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