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by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Wash the deformation sweater? As long as it is wool products, will have certain deformation shrinkage, and to reduce deformation rate, increase the service life of cotton-padded clothes, in addition to pick up the sweater with good quality, more important is to pay attention to the washing method, next, small make up will tell you what are the deformation of the woolen sweater washing skills!

skill 1: wash a

wash woolen sweater, in warm water first to drop into a few household ammonia water, and then soaked the woolen sweater for about 5 minutes, soap dissolve sweater of the ingredients. Parts of the woolen sweater shrink again, gently to restore stretched, flush dry and ventilated place. Sweater half dry, pay attention to restore stretched hand again, with a hot iron very hot after the whole good, can restore the original size, very good oh!

skills 2: washed by hand.

prepare a pot of warm water, to control the water temperature below 35 degrees ( No hot feeling about his hand into) , add a little neutral detergent ( Wilson of major surprise laundry) Also can add some salt, vinegar, Have a solid color and the effect of preventing deformation) Standby dissolved wool sweater into the soaking for about 15 minutes, and then to wash.

tip 3: machine wash

processing preparation: prepare for a basin of warm water, the water temperature control under 35 degrees, add a little neutral detergent ( Mainly for the laundry detergent) , also can add a little salt, vinegar, into the woolen sweater for 15 minutes or so

to start machine wash: then will soak washing (good cardigan into the washing machine Can be put into the laundry bag behind) , add detergent run 4 minutes, reoccupy after 35 degrees of warm water soak for 5 minutes, after being dry, with iron ( Note: machine wash, can add some more laundry detergent, less prone to deformation situation)

skills four, dehydration

sweater dehydration, can put it in the laundry bag, dehydration running up to 2 minutes.

skills five, air basks in

sweater after dehydration can also be put on towelling coverlet, flattening pull out good, hang to dry, one or two days later the sweater will not deformation, also can put dry sweater string bag, put the best before a full form, and then after folded in, let it dry naturally.

tip 6: woolen sweater shrink back

the sweater with white cloth wrapped, 10 minutes into steamer steaming, forcibly shake flat out on the table, after carefully sweater back to the original size, air-dried to dry.

the above several kinds of skills, can greatly reduce the deformation rate sweater, hurry to try!
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