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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
After washing the clothes, you can go dry, when air is basked in denim shirt, had better put your shirt, in turn, air is basked in, so it is not easy to fade, not to where the sunshine particularly toxic exposure.

shirt how

1, washing clothes soaked in full, first at the collar and cuffs evenly coated with a layer of toothpaste, brush gently brush besmear to brush; Or rub some salt on the collar and cuffs, at the end of the knead gently wash, and then sprinkle on clothes washing powder, soak in water for a while, some place around, in with the brush brush directly, which is convenient, the collar and cuffs are very clean. Other places in the laundry again according to the conventional method.

2, detergent can also use a small brush, brush to the collar and cuffs of the stains ( Not too much, see wet) And then put the clothes in the washing machine, to remove all dirt. If hand wash will also get the same effect

3, new or newly dacron shirt, before wearing, dipped in gasoline with pily ball on the collar and cuffs, Had better use white gasoline) Gently scrub 12 times, gasoline volatilization, and then washed with clear water. Through such processing, wear dirty easily wash

4, washes the collar and cuffs, sprinkle with washing powder with washboard the whole shirt. Rub one or two times. It is faster, and wash clean.

5, after washing, the shirt on a hanger, collar, sleeves, upper body parts with hands hold, is to seize two head, drag, such after clothes dry, don't play.

don't recommend use machine wash, because after washing wrinkled too much, still have to iron. ( Except George white memory no-iron shirt)

white shirt how

pure white shirt, is a joker color, what all can match, each of the beauty of the closet will have at least a white shirt. But fret that over a period of time, will slowly turn yellow clothes. White shirt should be how to keep white as new?

method one:

can wash a face with the water that clean out rice whitening spot, in the same way, often with the water that clean out rice to wash white shirt, is not yellow.

method 2:

wash them first, then with soap or detergent knead, clean water after, rub gently with soap or detergent, rinse, then put into the plastic bag, good mouth, drying in the sun more than an hour, then rubbed out.

method 3:

first will wash the white shirt in the washing basin, and then into the warm water, and add the right amount of washing powder, stir gently melted the washing powder, so soak for 10 minutes. Etc. It's about time and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent, is that the kitchen is often used to wash the dishes of vegetables. And then hand gently scrub, where the rubbing process in difficult to wash can continue to add detergent, until the white.

method 4:

can heat the orange peel into the pot boil off, soaking in the soup, rub white shirt with the yellow, can make the white shirt white as new.

the cowboy shirt how


1, the first half pot of water, then add some boiled water, transferred into warm water, don't be too hot.

2, your denim shirt bubble into the water about half an hour, at the same time to add a spoonful of salt into the bowl.

3, if you have other clothes, had better be washed apart, especially white not to dip and daddle with denim shirt, prevent unlined upper garment to rub off.

4, half an hour later we began to wash his clothes, and wash the shirt, I will pay special attention to wash the collar and cuffs can easily dirty place, can use the laundry detergent to clean a few times more.

5, if there are any more dirty place, unable to knead by hand wash hurry, you can use a toothbrush, brush, be careful not to overexert, otherwise easy to rub off.

6, after washing the clothes, can go to drying, when air is basked in denim shirt, had better put your shirt, in turn, air is basked in, so it is not easy to fade, not to where the sunshine particularly toxic exposure.

7, washed denim shirt when suggest hand wash, do not use washing machine, if you don't want to wash, can also be sent to the laundry to wash.
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