Washing and maintenance - scarf Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
What is your scarf?

winter, buy a suitable for own scarf, the beauty of will undoubtedly give yourself a bonus. But in meimei, give us grace scarf how do washing and maintenance? This should also screen goddesses of doubt, today take you look at the scarf washing and maintenance.

class wool scarf

characteristics: pure wool fabrics with his hand clenched, loosen the fold, crease also can fade in a short time, soon return to level off.

advantage: the warmth retention property good, insulating wool is qualitative soft, good elasticity, stays strong, feel plump, wear comfortable.

maintenance methods:

1. Correct understanding of the wool material such as scarf have depilation phenomenon.

2. Avoid sharp hook into objects. If you check out a grain, along the lines, flat knit.

3. If you have any local broke, needle, wire should be immediately to stop wearing, for the repair.

4. Pay attention to the temperature when ironing, ironed before spray some water on the scarf, also must pay attention to the pressing direction warp/weft direction.

5. Pay attention to reduce friction, with matching jacket is too rough and hard, in order to avoid friction damage fiber lower intensity or produce the phenomenon that the ball.

class wool scarf cleaning:

1. Don't with other easy to fade as far as possible when washing clothes together, in order to avoid with colors, destroying the scarf.

2. Scarf soak time shoulds not be too long, 5 to 10 minutes, soak in cold water side extrusion, aim to adhere to the dust dirt in the water, clean with neutral detergent in the water is put in the 35 degrees, remember that cannot use hot soap and so on contained too much alkali washing and cleaning the rubbing had too much so as not to cause deformation, if there is no neutral detergent, shampoo can also be used instead.

3. After the cleaning scarf into the glacial acetic acid ( White vinegar) In once, thoroughly remove residual detergents, protect the fiber. After acid cleaning again.

4. Rinse with warm water after put some softening agent, the effect is better.

5. After cleaning out the moisture of wool scarf into a net by washing machine dehydration.

6. After dehydration, according to the size of the original will be scarf flat out in a table with a towel, then hang them do not exposure.

7. Air-dried medium temperature across the towel after ironing.


advantage: the texture is soft and smooth, feel is soft, light, design and color is rich and colorful, cool and comfortable.

maintenance methods:

1. Must be dry-cleaned.

2. Silk fiber can't afford to friction

3. Don't to silk products surface spray deodorant, perfume etc.

4. Don't use when the deposit camphor ball, because it may lead to silk scarves adsorption a smell or discoloration.

5. Silk scarves in the closet, had better use hangers to hang up, don't use metal clothes hangers, prevent pollution, such as rust, and should be put in direct sunlight place, away from light.

polyester fiber characteristics:

1. With high strength and elastic resilience.

2. Better light fastness, resistance to bask in ability is better than natural fiber plants.

3. Afraid of mold, bug eat by moth.


1. Wrinkle resistance good, good, good strength, good color fastness, easy to clean, fast drying, shrinkage and stability.

2. Fabric drapability, and general colour and lustre is gorgeous.

maintenance methods:

no special requirements.

the cleaning method:

in addition to not so hot wash, dry clean, machine wash, wash, no special requirements.

cotton and linen

the plot of cotton and linen scarf always give a person a kind of literature and art, it is a kind of feelings, a kind of attitude to life, is a kind of & other; Exquisite & throughout; 。


cotton and environmental protection, breathe freely, comfortable, hang down feeling good, tall and straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash, fast drying.

maintenance methods:

the collection should be washed before, dry. Deep light color classification collection, avoid mutual dyeing.


1. Linen-cotton clothes had better not use washing machine, cotton and linen texture soft, if use the washing machine mixing, deformation, wrinkle easily.

2. Before washing the clothes, the water along with some of the common vinegar, light color and brunet fabrics to separate soaking and washing, avoid staining. Water soak for about 15 minutes, no more than 40 ℃. It is important to note that the amount of vinegar cannot too much, otherwise easy to stain light color scarf.

3. Should put the detergent ( Do not use detergent containing bleach composition) Completely dissolved in the water, but after add the cotton and linen fabrics, soaking time is less than half an hour, the clean and dry cotton and linen scarves to keep the fabric, especially in the summer rainy season should pay attention to check and drying. Don't wring after washing, squash with the hand to remove water to drain, hanging in a dry ventilated place shade, avoid by all means light exposure.
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