Washing cotton quilt washing method - cotton quilt Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Cotton quilt cannot wash or dry clean, the right way is to put the cotton quilt bask in a few times more below, in after the return to original state of fluffy cotton sticks gently pat is a clean way. The cotton quilt is essential in common bed is tasted. But after time, cotton quilt the comfort of the past, and inevitably there are some stains on the cotton quilt. Let's take a look at the cotton quilt cleaning method.

cotton quilt can use water to wash?

questions about how washing cotton quilt, may see some friends have in some programs. Someone put in bath crock on half of the water, into the washing powder, diluted before use cotton quilt room bath foot. They clean the cotton quilt after dry in a cool, ventilated place. Washing cotton quilt? Do you think this way is reasonable? This is obviously unreasonable. Because the quilt after the water will not only cause the quilt agglomerate deterioration, but also affects the warmth retention property of cotton quilt. So how do the cotton quilt washed? Washing cotton quilt this way is not desirable.

cotton quilt can dry cleaning?

since cotton quilt can't washed, questions about the cotton quilt how to wash, so the cotton quilt can be dry-cleaned? Seems the cotton quilt with dry cleaning method is more reasonable. So now how about the cotton quilt washed, we take a look at what can use the method of dry cleaning? Regular cotton quilt, after dry cleaning of cotton material becomes poor, and there are very difficult to remove taste, after dry cleaning of cotton quilt serious huddled there will be. So, how about the cotton quilt washed, we can neither water nor dry cleaning.

cotton quilt can bask in not wash

now that cotton quilt can neither water nor dry cleaning, so how the cotton quilt washed? Don't cotton quilt is one-off, can only be discarded after a long time with? The traditional cotton quilt in the process of production will be stopped by quilt cover several layers. Therefore, if you think the cotton quilt needs cleaning, you can clean bedding bag. As for the layer of cotton quilt how to wash? This time we just need to more cotton quilt in the sun a few times. After you think cotton quilt back to the original volume can flap with sticks gently in the surface layer.

special stain processing

cotton quilt unavoidably will have some special besmirch above, but in the face of these special stain. Cotton quilt how is better? This time we can use the soap water on cotton quilt wipe gently, then wash with clean clear is ok. If it is shelved a summer cotton quilt have the phenomenon of mold, how to wash cotton quilt? Sure there will be alcohol friends home. So this time only need to use cotton swabs in mold parts with some alcohol to wipe, and then put the cotton quilt is basked in the sun. The role of

the sun

how about cotton quilt washed, we now have a preliminary understanding. You also know the cotton quilt is neither water nor dry cleaning. So I understand this is everybody know how to wash the gist of the cotton quilt. Secondly, in order to be able to restore warmth retention property and volume of the cotton quilt. So this time about how the cotton quilt wash we can put the cotton quilt is basked in the sun, and the sun is basked in the role is to the sterilization and restoring the volume of the cotton quilt.
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