Washing machine use note - _ need pay attention to use the washing machine Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Along with the accelerating pace of life, modern people washing machine is an essential part of every household, but some consumers thought is a washing machine using frequency will change with the change of the weather, it is wrong, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, the washing machine is also one of the most important appliance of contemporary family.

in the spring and summer of small make up today to tidy it up for everybody the most easy to ignore the details of the washing machine, hurry up and see it.

a, washing overweight easy & other; The tube & throughout;

most of the washing machine with single washing of maximum weight, if overweight, poor washing effect not only, but also easy to damage the motor and clutch, even washing machines & other; The tube & throughout; , especially in the early spring clothing is more thick, so can't to use the washing machine according to the amount of summer wash clothes.

2, metal to clean up the

before washing out the pockets of COINS, sundry, with metal buttons clothes should be metal button on the QQ, and flip clothes, make metal buttons do not appear, in case of damage of metal in the process of washing and other hard objects dolly tub and pulsator.

3, timely cleaning wastewater

every time after the laundry, to clean water, clean with clear water washing machine barrel; Use dry cloth to wipe dry washing machine inside and outside the water droplets and water; The various knobs, buttons on the dashboard recovery in situ; Drainage switch indication in the closed position, and then placed in dry ventilated place.

4, timely for refueling machine

some pulsator washing machine on the main shaft sleeve is equipped with oil injection hole, every two or three months available oil can inject a few drops of oil to the oil hole.

5, cleaning do not use corrosive liquid

don't clean it with the washing machine with alkali, gasoline, and scrub brush, cleaning filter, drain when don't use hard ware.

6, stubborn stains cleaning opportunely

clean plasters

number sometimes rub on the plaster can use alcohol to add a few drops of water, Or use the sorghum wine can also) , where is stained with plaster stains rub, plaster to net, rinse again, or use the roasting of alum and at the end of another can be washed with water;

edible base surface and is also available in dirty place, add some warm water, knead a few times, can be removed. If the base surface when heated in iron scoop to dirt, then rub, wash with warm water and decontamination faster.

clean soy sauce stains

to use sugar. Spots first soaked with water, and then sprinkle a spoonful of sugar, knead by hand. We can see a part of soy sauce trace has been covered in sugar, then wash with water, can remove the stains.

to use baking soda. After soaking in the white waistcoat, where is stained with soy sauce stained with baking soda, 10 minutes remove with clean water, can get rid of soy sauce stains.

need fresh lotus root. With a knife cut fresh lotus root, fresh lotus root juice sauce in trace, 10 minutes after washing in the water, can get rid of soy sauce stains.
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